Help Me Choose Who Wins 40 Pounds of Food

I hope you kind humans are enjoying your day.  Today is a day where my human did not leave early in the morning to go to that thing called work.  I like days where he gets to spend time with Jacey, Marley, and me even though since I’m a diabetic cat, it means more ear sticks.  But I will tolerate those if he’s around because having him around is fun!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Giving Away 40 Pounds of This FoodYou will remember that I told you about the humans at Hills Science Diet and how they are going to give away some of their Adult Grain Free food.  With Jacey, Marley, and me consuming food, our human sure could use free food.  But it’s important to remember that grain free does not mean low carbohydrate, as some of the grains are replaced with things that are also high in carbohydrates like sweet potatoes.  So this food is not necessarily good for a diabetic cat like me.

I wanted to do some good, so I asked for names of rescue groups that you would like the food to go to.  You replied with some good ones:

These are all wonderful organizations who do a lot to help not just my fellow felines, but all animals in need.  Some of them focus on cats with far greater challenges than a diabetic cat like me, and all of them focus on giving us the loving and caring homes we need.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants to prevent this from happening at rescues

It is going to be very difficult to choose which ones to give the food to.  And stress is bad for a diabetic cat, so I will have you help me.

Please either leave a comment on this post on my Facebook page or on this blog post with who you want the food to go to.  The top two organizations will get the food.

Now, I have to let you know something.  The reason I am writing about this is because Hill’s Science Diet is compensating me for doing this giveaway.  But I agreed to do this because it can do some good for fellow felines like me and help some rescue groups.  I would not tell you anything that I did not think you would find interesting.  And they are not responsible for what I write.

I will announce the two winners of the food next week.  No matter who wins, these are great organizations and they deserve many head bonks and paw taps for doing such wonderful things!

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9 Replies to “Help Me Choose Who Wins 40 Pounds of Food”

  1. Michigan Cat Rescue. They are a small group of volunteers who takes care of kitties in their area. Bindy the poor baby who lost all of her kittens and an eye, Treasure that was found in a box marked garbage, George and Teddy Bear with eye problems and many more have been helped by them. Please please help them.

    1. Hi, Lee. Thank you for letting me know. I haven’t gotten the kind of response I was hoping for but Michigan Cat Rescue is definitely deserving. I will see how it goes and there will be more giveaways. That way, even if the kind humans at Michigan Cat Rescue do not win this time, they will likely win soon.

      1. I second the vote for Michigan Cat Rescue. They are all volunteers, and are a great group, helping many cats in need, who would likely have been euthanized, if not for them!

  2. Michigan Cat rescue is a great group of volunteers who that saves many cats who would otherwise be euthanized-some of whom have medical needs that would not otherwise be met.

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