Mayor of Talkeetna Recovers From Attack

“Human, what are you reading?”

“I am reading about one of your fellow felines who is the mayor of a town in Alaska called Talkeetna.”

“Some humans were very smart to let a feline run their town!  He would not do what the human mayor of our city did. What happened to my fellow feline?”

“Well, Bagheera, he got attacked by a dog and was hurt badly.  He had to go to the place with the humans in white coats, and they treated him.  They weren’t sure he was going to make it, but it looks like he will pull through.  And you know what, Bagheera?”

“Yes, human?”

“He’s not a diabetic cat like you, but he’s kind of a special needs cat.  He was born without a tail.  That’s why they call him Stubbs.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Wants you to Meet Stubbs, the Mayor of TalkeetnaStubbs was in bad shape after being mauled by a dog on August 31.  He suffered a punctured lung, a five inch gash on his side, and a fractured sternum.  He was in such bad shape that the humans who rushed him to emergency surgery were prepared to euthanize Stubbs on the way there, should his suffering increase.

Fortunately, this was not necessary.  Stubbs is responding well to the emergency surgery and is likely to return back to his office soon.  He is one tough cat, having survived an attack with a BB gun, a ride on a garbage truck, and a leap into an unheated vat of oil in a human’s kitchen.

“He’s obviously strong,” said the human who takes care of Stubbs. “This is probably his 20th life.” Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Endorses Stubbs for Mayor of Talkeetna

When Stubbs returns to his office, he will have to be put in a cage while his sternum heals.  But that cage will be placed somewhere where he can see and interact with the humans who elected him mayor.  That’s what he likes, and that’s what his constituents like.

As you can imagine, the bills for Stubbs are very high.  My human says that treating a diabetic cat like me is expensive, but it is not anywhere near as expensive as taking care of Stubbs and his injuries.  If you’d like to join people from all throughout the United States, London, Germany, and Australia in helping pay for my fellow feline’s expenses, please do.

If you can’t help, please share this story.  And you can always go to Stubbs’ Facebook page and wish him well.

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