One Famous Feline Helps Out Another

You remember that I told you the story of Stubbs, the feline mayor of the town of Talkeetna in Alaska.  The mayor was mauled by a dog, and severely injured.  I sometimes complain about the medical treatment that a diabetic cat like me needs.  Compared to Stubbs, this treatment is simple and easy.  Stubbs had to have surgery and a tube placed in his lung to help him heal from the mauling.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Joins Morris in Wishing Mayor Stubbs WellOne of the most famous felines out there is Morris, the spokescat for Nine Lives cat food.  This feline decided to help his injured fellow feline, and sent enough of those green paper things to pay for most of the work that the humans in white coats did on Stubbs.  Morris even created a get well card for Stubbs on Facebook.

But while the human taking care of Stubbs is very grateful for the help, the mayor is not able to relax yet.  He had to set his paw down when his human tried to take off and replace his pain patch! Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Hopes Stubbs Can Go Back to Drinking Catnip Water

Stubbs is not quite ready to receive visitors.  Not surprisingly, after being attacked, he is very reluctant to allow humans to touch him.  And Stubbs, who is well known for drinking water with catnip in it from a wine glass, will not be able to indulge in this treat for a while.  Until he is healed, he can only have food and water.  No catnip for now.

But his human said that one of the gifts Stubbs received is organic catnip from Canada.  So when he is ready to return to his favorite drink, he will be set with that.

Many kind humans had given green paper things to help pay the humans in the white coats who took care of Stubbs.  My human says that all his expenses are about three years worth of green paper things for treating a diabetic cat.  That’s a lot of green paper!

And it will be donated to help take care of the Mat-Su Animal Shelter, which is the one closest to where Stubbs lives.

I am so happy that my fellow feline is recovering, and I am glad he does not have to worry about having enough green paper things to pay for his care.

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2 Replies to “One Famous Feline Helps Out Another”

  1. I’m so glad Stubbs is getting the care he needs and his Mom doesn’t have to worry about the green papers. How generous of Morris and everyone who donated. I don’t blame Stubbs for having anxiety, he probably has PTSD poor guy. Many humans do not believe animals can have PTSD but we can. My angel sister who went to the Bridge a year ago suffered from it as she was a black cat abused as a kitten by EVIL people who thought she was the evil one! For many years she suffered and required medication, Feliway diffusers, collars, and lots of patience and love.
    She DID get better and braver with time, and I know Mayor Stubbs will too.

    1. Stubbs is just nervous because he got attacked. After a while, he will calm down and return to his normal happy self. The human whose dog attacked him is has not shown his or his canine companion’s face in Talkeetna since the attack. It is a small town and they will not like it if he returns.

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