Cat Saves Humans In Colorado Floods

Do you remember how I shared the story of a human who braved severe floods in Alberta, Canada, to save his cat?  That was a great story of a human making sure his feline furiend stayed alive.  I am sure my human would do the same for me, but we do not have floods here.  He knows since I am a diabetic cat, I cannot be left to fend for myself — I need my insulin!  So if we had an earthquake, my human would not abandon me because I need medical care.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy a Feline Saved Humans From ThisI am sure you have heard about the horrible flooding in Colorado.  Entire towns have been swept away.  Eight of your fellow humans have not made it out alive.  But there are some humans who owe their lives to one of my fellow felines.

In a small town called Estes Park, a human was awakened at 4:30 in the morning by a feline named Jezebel.  Jezebel was swatting at his face, and meowing very loudly.  This human woke up, and saw exactly why his feline was swatting at him.  The Big Thompson River was flowing into their home, and the water was rising quickly.

These humans operated a group of cabins called the Whispering Pines Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Thinks This is a Nice Place and is Sad it FloodedCottages.  There were many humans there, and Jezebel’s warning made these humans run from cottage to cottage, telling the humans in there to get out.

In the time it took for them to do this, the water had risen from a human’s shins to their knees.  Everyone was able to escape, just before the rising waters swept three cabins away and caused three other cabins to fall down.

The humans who Jezebel saved are sad they lost their cottages, but they are glad that she warned them.  “We had no warning other than the cat.  She is going to be treated like a queen for the rest of her life.”  She added, “I credit the cat with saving my family and the lives of everyone in the cottages.”

And if this story makes you want to help the groups helping rescue animals in these floods, it would make this diabetic cat’s heart beat quicker.  Here is a list of some organizations that are helping.

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2 Replies to “Cat Saves Humans In Colorado Floods”

  1. Jezebel is proof to the stupid humans out there who do not think cats are smart. What a loving and dedicated ladycat, she rocks! We don’t have floods near us, but if we ever did have a natural emergency my human would NOT leave without us either, as I need medicine and so does my doggie sister. I hope we never have to worry about anything like that ever happening.

    1. We do not have floods here, and while a tsunami is a risk because we are close to the ocean, if we were hit by a tsunami the entire city of San Diego would be wiped out. We are at risk of an earthquake, but my human would not abandon me no matter what. He would not leave until he had me, Jacey, and Marley with him!

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