Hope the Kitten Really Fits Her Name

“Oh, no.”

“What is it, human”

“Bagheera, one of my fellow humans was evil again.”

“Oh, no.  What happened this time?”

“Well, Bagheera, some evil person burned a kitten and tried to toss her in the trash.”

“Human, can I ask you a question?  Why are so many of your fellow humans so evil?”

“I don’t know, Bagheera.  I don’t know.”

“You spend the time needed to take care of a diabetic cat like me instead of abandoning me.  Why can’t humans who don’t like us felines just leave us alone?”

“I wish I knew, Bagheera.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Hope Found HelpFortunately for Hope, there were some kind humans who took care of her.  An 85 year old woman took Hope in, and tried to nurse her back to health.  After about two weeks, when the kitten wasn’t getting any better, the woman took her to the humans in white coats.  When the human in the white coat at Tail Waggers 1990 in Livonia, Michigan, saw Hope, she was stunned.

Hope had been set on fire and tortured.  The human who founded the organization said “it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in 25 years of doing this. I’ve never seen something so sadistic.”  The humans at Tail Waggers were not sure Hope would make it.  But just like Lucky and Justin, she showed that she was tougher than the evil human who tried to kill her.

When the humans taking care of the emaciated, feverish, flea covered kitten started to pet her, she started to purr and make biscuits.  It was like Hope was reassuring the humans who were taking care of her, telling them that she was going to make it.

Hope went through what was the first of many surgeries to treat her injuBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Proud of Hoperies, and she has months of recovery before she can be sent to a foster home and even longer before she can be adopted.  But she has taken the first big step.  She’s gotten the treatment she needs.  And just like the insulin I take as a diabetic cat helps me, her surgery will help her.

Hope’s medical expenses will also be taken care thanks to many kind humans who donated green paper things to help with her care.

Fortunately for Hope, her story, which started off so badly, will likely have a happy ending.

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