Spots and Stripes Really Needs Your Help

Can Bagheera's Buddies Help an Organization that Helps Many Bengal Cats?I love Spots & Stripes Exotic Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.  They’ve changed their name to reflect their change in focus.  They used to mainly focus on rescuing bengal cats like me, Jacey and Marley.  But now they have expanded their mission beyond bengal cats.  Recently, they have taken in an African jungle cat, a savannah, Persians, and many other felines that are not bengals.

They are a publicly funded organization, which means they get no grants from the government or other organizations.  Spots and Stripes relies on donations from the public in order to do their amazing work.

Their work takes lots of those green paper things.  Many of the cats they have taken in have required extensive care from the humans in white coats, which takes lots of those green paper things.  On top of that, they purchased some bengals from a horrific backyard breeder, and that depleted their reserves as well.

Unless Spots and Stripes receives donations or people adopt their felines, they will not be able to keep their doors open past the end of this month.  That would be horrible, as this organization has done so much good for so many of my fellow felines. Here is one of my fellow bengal cats that Spots and Stripes is Helping

They owe the humans in white coats approximately $1,000 and there are more bills on the way.  Besides donations, they have two sources of revenue.  These are adoptions and proceeds from their auctions.  Their adoption rate has slowed tremendously since the middle of September.  And many humans who bid on auction items have not followed through on their commitments.

I do not want this wonderful organization, which has helped so many of my fellow bengal cats, to shut down.  In order to do this, we need to help.  My human has set up a monthly donation to Spots and Stripes.  You can do the same or you can give a one time donation.  But please, give what you can, and share this with everyone you can.  Bagheera’s Buddies have done a great job helping.  Can you help out one more time?

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