Say Hello to Special Needs Cat Aerostotle

As a diabetic cat, I am always happy to tell you about other special needs cats.  Today, I want you to meet a very brave little feline.  His name is Aerostotle and his story should warm your heart.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is So Proud of Aerostotle!Aerostotle and his sisfur were brought in to a shelter by a kind human who found them and saw they needed help.  His sisfur did fine, but for Aerostotle, things did not work out as well.  Sadly, Aerostotle, who goes by Aero for short, had contracted a very bad infection in both of his eyes.  Because of the infection, his eyes had to be removed.

It would have been very easy for Aerostotle to feel sorry for himself and sulk.  But his spirit was too strong to let that happen.  He is not sad about losing his eyes, because he probably could not see from them to begin with.  And since he was so young, he was not far past the point where kittens open their eyes to begin with. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Seeing Aerostotle Comfortable

The human who adopted Aero is used to handling special needs cats.  She took care of a paraplegic cat for two years before this feline had to leave us because of severe bone degeneration.  This feline, who was named Amber, used to sleep right next to her human on the other pillow.  And she thought she would never adopt another feline, but then Aero came along.

When this kind human encountered Aero, she whispered to him “as one journey ends, another begins.”  And with that, she adopted Aero.  Aero says he does not look so good right now, but he promises that he will look better as his fur grows in.  I say that he looks just fine and that he is a very brave feline.

He says that blind cats can live very happy lives.  And he will join other special needs felines who cannot see well like Mr. Magoo and Homer, that prove that blind cats can enjoy their lives.  I am a special needs cat, too, because I am a diabetic cat.  We are proof that for the right human, we can be loving and playful companions.

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