Coexisting The Key to Dealing With Ferals

Because I am a diabetic cat, I am sensitive to the needs of all my fellow felines who are dealing with difficult situations.  Some of them are diabetic cats, some are cats whose humans are taking care of them despite medical conditions that make it a challenge, and some are felines who are recovering from bad injuries.

But my fellow felines with maybe the most difficult challenge are the ones who are feral cats.  There are tens of millions of these cats in the United States alone, which means that virtually everyone, regardless of where they live, has a feral colony nearby.  Now, some humans are kind to these felines, and feed them.  But they don’t know what else to do, so they call the local shelter.  Often, according to a human who founded Alley Cat Allies, “the shelter doesn’t know what to do except tell them to get a trap and bring them in.” Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad this Cat is Being Returned Home

Sadly, when this is done, often, the shelter ends up euthanizing the feline.  Most cats who go to a shelter (70 percent) end up being euthanized.  For feral cats who go to the shelter, it is a near certain death sentence.

This is not only inhumane, but it is expensive.  One of the humans in white coats who is part of the ASPCA estimated that it cost one organization $185 per cat to euthanize ferals, and that this nothing to keep the population of ferals under control.  Too many organizations are spending a lot of money doing something that is inhumane and does not achieve its goal of keeping the feral population down.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Likes TNR ProgramsThe high cost, in both green paper things and the inhumane treatment of ferals, is why both of the major animal welfare organizations in the United States have teamed up to advocate for trap, neuter, and return (TNR) programs.  These programs help keep the feral population in check, and they do it without any euthanizing of healthy felines.  And even humans who do not like cats would rather have these programs go in place than have them euthanized.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad This Cat Gets to Live!

These programs are not perfect — it is likely that a feral cat who is a diabetic cat like me would be euthanized, for example.  But because they are good programs, between one and three million people in the United States manage feral colonies through TNR programs.  Many of them got their start by joining the Feral Friends Network.  This is a directory of individuals, clinics, and even shelters teaching TNR.  They also provide assistance with traps, advice, and low cost neutering.

It is always good to see humans who want to keep the feral cat population down turning to programs like these instead of euthanizing felines.  Remember, we felines are good hunters, and we kill many things that you humans do not want around you.

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3 Replies to “Coexisting The Key to Dealing With Ferals”

  1. My two friends really keep out all the mice here around. Or maybe I should say they bring them in… =). This morning one of them Selmin brought me a mouse and droped it on the kitchen floor for me to take care of. Usually the other one Mirrin, bring them in alive so that we can hunt together… But they are my babies and I take care of them in every way possible.
    Once when some gulls had their nest on our yard, they flew and shit on my hubby´s jacket. Then after Jonny had told me Selmin went outside and after a while I heard some strange noice from the cellar. Then he´d brought one of the gull´s baby in his mouth. It was unharmed just scared, so I brought it outside for them to find. And after a couple of hours it was gone. So Selmin took revenge on them for daddy´s sake =)

    1. We felines will take care of our humans if you take care of us. It is said by some humans we felines only see you humans as a source of food. These humans sadly have never known the companionship of a feline.

      1. That is so true. You felines do really take care of us hoomins! You always look at how we are feeling, when we are down you always cheer us up and that lovely, sweet look from your eyes is worth millions. <3 <3 <3 Both I and our babies daddy love them to bits! We are always so worried if something´s wrong. This fall we had to leave Selmin at the vets over night and that was terrible. We couldn´t sleep, we lay there crying because we thought about him being in a strange place and not knowing how he felt! So nice to get him home and in well condition <3

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