Kitten Thrown from Pickup Truck Is Rescued

Because diabetic cats like me are felines who need a little break, I am always happy to share the stories of cats who got those breaks.  Jacey did a good job of telling you about three felines who got a lucky break in life.  It is no surprise that she told you the story well, because she loves to talk.  But when she shares good stories like that, I do not mind listening to her.

Today I want to share with you a story of how a cruel human thought he could just dispose of a tiny little kitten.  But as Treasure showed, many humans know we felines are not garbage, and they will take the necessary steps to protect us.

A tiny five week old kitten was tossed from a pickup truck into traffic in Phoenix.  Fortunately for him, a kind human saw this happen, and did something about it.  This human saw the kitten tossed out of a pickup truck at the intersection of 43rd and Bell in Phoenix.  She was not about to allow a defenseless kitten get crushed by traffic, so she called the Arizona Humane Society, and they quickly dispatched help for the kitten.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad this Kitten is Safe!The human who runs the Arizona Humane Society said that the kitten was taken back to their facilities, and humans in white coats checked him to make sure he was okay.  “He’s ready to explore and love and cuddle, he’s just the cutest little thing.”  She added, though, that the kitten was “very lucky to be alive and quite the trooper, that’s for sure.”

“I’m just surprised how humans treat animals sometimes. Something so innocent, so little, so defenseless and to treat them like that just breaks my heart.”  Well, this little kitten, while he is defenseless and little, will get the last laugh.  He has already found a foster home.

This kitten is not a special needs cat because he’s not a diabetic cat like me, nor was he harmed.  But just like a special needs cat, he needed a break.  And he got one, because a human cared enough to help him.

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