Time to Share Some Happy Feline Stories

Because diabetic cats like me are special needs cats, I love to share happy news about other special needs felines.  And I have some good stories to share with you today.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is So Happy Darky is BetterI told you the story about Darky, a cat who has not one, but two challenges that make the ear sticks and needles I endure as a diabetic cat look easy.  Darky has not just FIV, but he also has feline leukemia.  Eventually, these diseases will take his life.  But while he is alive, he has a lot of love to give, and a human that cares for him a lot.

Darky is very special to his human caretaker because she has a 16 year old daughter that has autism.  The bond between these two special needs beings is very strong, and that is another reason why his human is so devoted to him.  And that devotion is paying off, as Darky’s treatment is making him feel much better.  He still needs your healing thoughts, but it is looking much My Fellow Diabetic Cat Melody Has a Furever Home!better for him.

Another happy story comes from my furiends at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Maine and Diabetic Cats in Need.  One of my fellow diabetic cats, Melody, now has a furever home.  My good furiends at Paws and Effect shared this picture of her in her new home.  She got on one of those noisy metal tubes and went from Maine to Minnesota, and she is settling in nicely with her new human in her furever home.  As my good furiends Siouxsie, Thomas, and Bella at Paws and Effect say, sugar kitties can find good furever homes and I am very happy that Melody has one.

You also know that I am a big fan of Tenth Life Cats in St. Louis.  And they have another happy story to share of a feline they took in.  Twinkie was found in a car lot, dehydrated, hungry, and suffering from a really nasty eye infection.  But thanks to the kind humans at Tenth Life, she is doing much better.  This picture says it all.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is So Happy This Kitten Is Healthy!

I hope these happy stories make you feel better today!

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5 Replies to “Time to Share Some Happy Feline Stories”

  1. Hello,
    I´ve been wondering if diabetic cats works as human cats? I thought about low sugar. I´m a diabetic myself and when I get low sugar I need something to eat. I usually just drink some sugar soda, since I don´t feel the low sugar just have to test. Is it the same with cats, when the sugar is tested and it´s too low, does it help to give food then?


    1. If it is too low, my human will give me some syrup to get my blood sugar up. But remember, I always have noms available to me. That way, I do not go too low. I have only gotten to a point where the human was worried one time, and I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat more than a year ago. So I do not think I have to worry too much about it.

      1. Oh that´s good. My hubby also give me honey or suryp on the inside of my mouth if I´m too low so I can´t get up myself. Otherwise I check bloodsugar now and then to see if I have to, like you, take some nom. I´m so happy that you get this working you and your human =D Love to hear that, I thought I´d better ask in case our 2 babies would get diabetes some day. It´s better to be prepared if it would happen. Love my 2 boys so would do whatever possible to be able to keep them <3 <3 <3

          1. Awww how good! Then more people get to know that you are just as any other cat, just like I´m just like any other human! Great! I think you have a good idea there! Headbonks back to you!
            PS. I´ve started to send your blog post on to my site so that all of my friends also can start learning =)
            Love and kittie kisses to you Bagheera <3

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