Hill’s Science Diet Helps Disaster Relief

I told you humans about the horrible floods in Colorado and how one feline saved a lot of human lives.  Today I am happy to share some good news from my furiends at Hill’s Science Diet.  They have announced a unique program to help get food to animal rescue organizations that need it most when there are many displaced animals due to natural disasters.

The Hill’s Disaster Relief Network consists of around 100 animal rescue groups throughout the country.  It wasThis Kitten Was Helped by an Animal Rescue Group after a Tornado activated during the Colorado floods, and the human in charge of an animal rescue group in the affected area said “it was remarkable how fast they were able to respond and how committed they were to making sure we had enough food for our shelters, including the temporary shelters that we set up accommodate the influx of displaced animals.”

This network is the first of its kind, and it puts in place an infrastructure to make sure the pets that need help the most get it in case of a natural disaster.  The humans in charge of Hill’s Science Diet are also putting together an education program about how pet parents can prepare for a disaster before it strikes.  I have written about this as well, and all humans should have a disaster kit for both two legged and four legged creatures in their house. A Feral Cat Helped by Animal Rescue after a Natural Disaster

One of the humans in white coats at Hill’s said humans “have such strong bonds with their pets, we want to encourage pet parents to think about how their pets factor into their evacuation plans. Taking precautionary steps can help avoid delays in the event of an emergency”

This is very good advice.  I hope that all humans who care for four legged creatures like me take it.  And I am glad to see Hill’s helping animal rescue groups who respond to natural disasters!

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5 Replies to “Hill’s Science Diet Helps Disaster Relief”

    1. It is very important to have a plan so that you can take care of those furry boys in case something bad happens. I hope you will never need a plan, but it is important to have one.

      1. Thanx for helping, because sometimes we humans don´t think that far ahead. But now I do have my plan ready! I pick up our boys and hubby take care of noms =). I have a bad ready just in case! =)

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