Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Coming to Close

Now you know I write a lot about diabetic cats or other special needs cats, and I love to share their stories with you.  Well, today, I want to remind that that there are other four legged animals in shelters who need furever homes.  I of course am happiest when a feline, especially a special needs feline like me, finds a furever home.  But that does not mean I am not happy when one of my canine furiends finds one.

Visit your Animal Adoption Center and Take a Canine Home!You humans have a saying fighting like cats and dogs.  I am going to prove this saying wrong because I am going to tell you about an animal adoption event that takes place in October.  It is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Some humans ask, what can a shelter dog bring to my life?  Well, if you go to an animal adoption center and bring one home, there are many things it can do.  Some of them are things we felines cannot do.  When you go to an animal adoption center and bring home a canine, it can:

  • Be an exercise buddy
  • Become a good furiend and confidant for your entire family
  • Help other humans who need a little encouragement and happiness
  • Become a constant companion for a senior citizen
  • Greet you at the door when you return to work

Now, while I of course know that felines are superior to canines, I know that some of these things I cannot do.  So there is room for both felines and canines in this world. Can you Visit an Anaimal Adoption Center and Bring This Guy Home?

I know that many of you have as many furry companions as you can take care of right now, and do not want any of you to do something you cannot handle.  But if there is room in your home for a canine, can you consider bringing one home from an animal adoption facility?  And if there is not, please share this so that someone else can.

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