What Do We Felines See Out the Window?

One of the things both Jacey and I like to do is look outside the window and see what goes by.  The human has put up some fabric things that you call sheer curtains, but we can see out of them.  These are good at keeping people from seeing our antics during the day, because they would think our human is nuts.  Oh, and remember, a diabetic cat like me who does not get his blood sugar under control can become blind, so make sure you check on your feline’s blood sugar levels!

My human has often wondered what Jacey and I see when we look outside.  He knows that sometimes, we will perk up, and stare intently at a hummingbird or a butterfly.  We do not necessarily want to ambush them, but we like to pay attention to them and see what they are doing.

My furiends at Catster read some research done by a human who specializes in photography.  The photographer put together some pictures based on conversations with many humans in white coats, and they are very interesting.

It will probably come as no surprise to you that we felines have a wider field of vision and that we have better peripheral vision.  We are after all very good hunters, and we need to be able to detect our prey even on the edges of our visual field.  You can think of human vision as similar to the older, heavier boxes with moving pictures, and feline vision as similar to the newer, lighter boxes with moving pictures.

There are some ways that your vision is more like the lighter, newer boxes with moving pictures.  You see colors much better than we do, and you see many more colors than we do.

Make sure you help your diabetic cat keep seeing like this

I asked my human how he stands seeing things so brightly and with so many colors.  Jacey and I both think that our eyes would get tired seeing like that.  We wonder why his eyes do not get tired.

And of course, we see much better in the dark than you humans do.  We felines are nocturnal animals, and we must be able to see in order to hunt.  We have adapted to seeing very well in the dark because of this.

Diabetic Cats Need to See in the DarkI think it is good that we felines and humans see differently.  Jacey and I have decided we would not trade our vision for human vision, and our human feels the same way about our vision.  And remember, if you have a diabetic cat like me, treat us properly so we keep our vision!

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3 Replies to “What Do We Felines See Out the Window?”

  1. Thanx for the pics. Have been wondering in what way you see things. I´ve learnt somewhere that you have the best sight at about 4-5 meters… Was it that? At least it was far away. =)

    1. We are relatively near sighted compared to you humans, if you can believe that. But I do not understand how human eyes do not get tired from all of the information you get. It would wear me out.

      1. Maybe since we see it in a longer distance it´s easier. What do you think about that thought? I´m not sure myself. Sometimes if there´s a very small text and I have to read a lot then my eyes get so tired, I get headache…

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