There Definitely is Feline Affection

“Human, I have a question.”

“What is it, Bagheera?”

“Did you miss us when you were away?”

“Of course I did.  But you are used to me going away for a little while.  I did it many times when you were a tiny little mitten kitten, and it’s been part of your entire life.  You knew I would come back, like I always do.  Why do you ask?”

A Cat and Human Showing Affection for Each Other“Well, I have heard that some humans do not think that there is such a thing as feline affection, whether it’s between multiple cats or felines and humans.”

“I know that’s not true, Bagheera.  I know that when I come home from being away for a while, you love to head bonk me to say hello.  And I know that Jacey and Marley miss me, too.  I don’t think Marley has been quiet ever since I got back from my trip.  I know that these are signs of feline affection.”

The talking that Jacey, Marley and I have been doing with the human since he got back is just one sign of feline affection.  Here are some others:

  • Purring
  • Head bonks, also known as bunting
  • Spraying — yes, marking your things with our urine indicates that we like you
  • Rolling — when we flop and roll at your feet, we like you
  • Scratching — this leaves our scent and helps mingle our scent with yours
  • Kneading
  • Gifting — we have not done this because there’s nothing to catch!
  • PlayingA Cat Meowing is a Sign of Feline Affection
  • Sleeping — sleeping by you shows we trust you
  • Eye blinking — another sign of trust
  • Presenting our anal glands for you to sniff — you humans have to learn this
  • Erect tails — this allows you to sniff our anal glands
  • Talking — you don’t talk to people you don’t like, and we don’t either
  • Grooming — when we give you sandpaper kisses, it’s a sign of love

Which one of these ways do you like your cats show some feline affection for you?  Right now, I can tell you that the human wishes that Marley and Jacey would stop meowing at him to show him love.  I do not think Marley has stopped talking to him since he returned!  He went and brushed all three of us, and brushed her last so hopefully that will calm her down.

But regardless of this, it is good to know that Marley and Jacey are showing lots of love for the human by talking to him.  It is driving him nuts right now, but he will learn to accept this form of feline affection.

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3 Replies to “There Definitely is Feline Affection”

  1. Ok here comes all the affectionate things my boys do for me and daddy! =)
    Purring, Head bonks, Rolling, Scratching, Kneading, Gifting (lots of live mice and birds), PlayingA Cat Meowing, Sleeping (they sleep one of each side of me =) ), Eye blinking, Presenting their anal glands for me to sniff (have learnt and try to go with it , don´t mind anymore =) ), Erect tails, Talking and finally grooming. So in this way I can be sure mine love me… Right? =)

      1. You really get attached to humans and tonight when we came home from gymnastics. Selmin haven´t let daddy out of sight. If daddy wasn´t in he would come to sit here with me. Do really love our babies and I believe they love us also! <3 Just as your human loves you Bagheera, and you him <3

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