Be Careful With Black Cats on Halloween

While fur color doesn’t matter to us felines, to some humans, it means a lot.  My fellow felines with black fur have to deal with a lot.  Black cats are the last cats to be adopted in a shelter, and there are foolish superstitions that they are bad luck.  It is interesting to note that in many countries, black cats are considered good luck!  This makes sense.  How could you take a look at a wonderful cat like Lincoln, for example, and think he is bad luck?

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat says Black Cat Lincoln Is Not Bad LuckHalloween may be an especially challenging night for black cats.  I am a big advocate of keeping felines like me inside at all times.  Indoor only cats live a lot longer, and we will not get exposed to the diseases that outdoor cats can get.  But on Halloween, black cats should not go outside.  Many black cats go missing on Halloween due to pranks or far worse.  While there is no evidence that this is because evil humans search for black cats to do horrible things to on Halloween, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Whether the problem is real or just a case of humans letting their thinking get ahead of the facts, many organizations have stopped allowing black cats to be Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Does Not Think This Black Cat is Bad Luckadopted around Halloween, just to be safe.

And whatever the color of your cat, make sure you take a few precautions on Halloween.

  • We can get startled easily by the strange costumes humans wear this day and the many strangers that come to our house.  So make sure you keep us in a safe place where we cannot run out the door that will be opened a lot.
  • If your feline tolerates you dressing it up, make sure you use non-toxic and non-flammable costumes that we are comfortable in.  My human does not have this option because I will not allow him to dress me up!
  • Do not allow us to get into the candy you give out.  Chocolate is poisonous to felines, and beyond that, diabetic cats like me should not get sugar.

I hope that you have a very happy Halloween and that you keep your felines safe.

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3 Replies to “Be Careful With Black Cats on Halloween”

  1. Sure will keep my babies safe! Black cats was supposed to give good luck to a home long time ago here in Finland. When you built a cottage you needed a black cat to bring it luck! Wish it was like that still here and that it was like that everywhere. This is like if it would be bad luck to bring a finn to UK, or something like that… Stupid! Happy you are safe Bagheera! <3

    1. I am very safe. The human keeps me inside at all times. I have always been an indoor only cat because the human has always lived in a place where there is only a balcony for me to go out on.

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