Cats, Sleeping, and Dreaming

We felines get a lot of sleep.  Sometimes, after I eat my noms and get the insulin shots I need as a diabetic cat, I love to go to sleep.  But many humans wonder, what happens when we felines sleep?  Do we have dreams like you humans?

The answer is we do.  Just watch us when we are sleeping.  You will likely see our whiskers twitch or see our paws, legs, or head move.  In the case of more vocal cats like Jacey, who is always talking, you may even hear us talk in our sleep.  Jacey does not believe she does this, but both the human and I have heard her do it many times.

These are all signs that we are dreaming.  Just like you humans, we felines have different stages of sleep.  You humans have five different stages, but we felines have only two.  Our REM (rapid eye movement) sleep stage is just like yours, and it is where we dream.  We spend about a third of our time sleeping in REM sleep, which is a more than the 20 percent of the time you humans spend in REM sleep. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Sleeping and Dreaming

We also enter REM sleep more often than you humans do.  We enter this stage every 25 minutes.  You humans only enter it every 90 minutes.  And if you think that we felines move a lot when we are dreaming, remember, just like you, when we enter REM sleep, our bodies release a substance that keeps us from moving.

In the non-REM phase of sleeping, we felines are in deep sleep and our bodies are doing what yours do when you enter this phase.  We are repairing our bodies.  Our energy is being restored.  The immune system is getting a boost.  And the stress we put on our muscles and bones is repaired.  I wonder if a diabetic cat like me gets some relief when I am sleeping.

Some humans say that there are many differences between humans and other species.  But I don’t know.  The treatment for a diabetic cat is similar to that for a diabetic human.  We both dream.  I think our two species have more common traits than differences!

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2 Replies to “Cats, Sleeping, and Dreaming”

  1. I do also believe that you are very much like hoomans! I´ve seen ours when they dream, their paws are moving and the whiskers also. Sometimes it looks like it´s something scary and then I use to slowly put my hand on them and that calms them down. =) <3

    1. Oh, we are probably not scared. We are thinking about pouncing on something and that is why our whiskers are twitching and our paws are moving. But it is kind that you put your hand on your feline furiends to make them happier!

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