Let’s Work Together to Help Big Cats

For a feline, even though I am diabetic, I am a big cat.  I weigh 19 pounds or 8.5 kilos.  But  I have many cousins that are much bigger than me and who make me look tiny.  Siberian tigers, who are the largest members of the feline family, can weigh up to 675 pounds, or 300 kilos!  But these beautiful creatures are highly endangered, and that is why Tigers for Tigers is working to help protect and save them.

Let's Help one of the Humans from Tigers for Tigers Save My Big Feline Cousins!Many colleges and universities have adopted a tiger as a mascot.  There are more than a dozen teams with a tiger as their mascot.  These range from very large universities, such as Clemson, Auburn, and Missouri, to smaller regional schools such as Savannah State, Texas Southern, and Towson University.

The Tigers for Tigers coalition is made up of students from these schools and it “is devoted to improving the status of tigers, both captive and wild.”  They want to “mobilize the public through education, improve and/or create relevant policies and take direct action to ensure the survival of the tiger.”

This help is definitely needed.  According to the World Wildlife Foundation, there may be as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild.  Threats to these amazing animals include habitat loss, conflict with humans over resources, and climate change.

Tigers for Tigers is planning a trip to India to help save my feline cousins.  And one of the humans at the University of Missouri needs our help to make this trip.  Her name is Hannah, and in addition to be a smart human who is studying chemistry, she is an animal lover.  She has three felines and a chinchilla and is actively involved with animal rescue groups around her.  One of her paintings was selected as the main item for an auction that was held to raise money for a local animal rescue group. Tigers for Tigers Indian Trip

To make the trip, Hannah needs some help.  My human tells me that college students do not have many of those green paper things that you humans work so hard for.  She needs $4,500 to make the trip.

Bagheera’s Buddies have been very generous before and have helped many of my feline furiends.  I think about all the good we have done for my fellow felines, and hope that we can do the same for Hannah.  Let’s help her make the trip to help my big feline cousins!

Please help if you can, and if you cannot, please share this so that others can.  I send you purrs and headbonks for all the good I know you will do.

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