Someone’s Getting Comfortable In My Home

“Human, we are doing much better with Marley.”

“Yes, we are, Bagheera.  Yesterday she came out of the cage and wandered around.  She even got up on the ledge.  And you were very good.  You did not harass her, and you let her wander around on her own.  She felt safe.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Visitor Marley Is More Comfortable“I saw that she did not even attempt to go hiding when you walked by her to get the camera.  She stood on the ledge and was very comfortable being there.  I think she is starting to come around.  This is good for me because I get stressed when she is not comfortable and you know how bad stress is for a diabetic cat like me.”

“You’re right, Bagheera.  I think she is comfortable with you.  But she still is worried that Jacey will ambush her.”

“Hey, I heard my name.  I am not ambushing her to be mean, human.  I do it to play.  I do it to Bagheera and I do it to you.  It is fun!”

“Jacey, it is fun for me and Bagheera but you have to understand that Marley is not quite ready for this yet.  Give her time and I am sure you will become furiends.”

“Well, she has stopped growling at me when I sit near her.  But she still does not trust me.”

“Give it time, Jacey.  Give it time.  Bagheera, remember how much you struggled when you were first diagnosed as a diabetic cat and I first started giving you ear sticks and insulin shots?  That is how Marley feels right now.” Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Thinks This is a Good Sign

“Well, if she is starting to wander around the ledge, then I think she is getting more comfortable, human.  I just want to play with her.  She seems like a very nice cat and we should be good furiends.  I have lots of humans who are Bagheera’s Buddies.  If they can become furiends with a diabetic cat they don’t know why can’t Marley?”

“I want to become furiends with her too, human.  It will be nice to have a girl around here I can play with.  No offense, Bagheera.”

“It will happen, you two.”

What do you think?  Are Jacey, the human, and I making progress with Marley?  Any ideas on what we can do to make it easier for her?

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3 Replies to “Someone’s Getting Comfortable In My Home”

  1. I think you´re on the right track. Something I read about our feline furiends is that one way to get them to tolerate each other is to brush their fur, on the head and over the sholders. Use the same brush for all of them and then they get the same scent and that will make them tolerate each other and understand that they are in the same family! With the hoomans it´s just love and patience that helps I think. The hooman need to give her some more affection to start with to get her to tolerate him/her. Also talk a lot with her and keep the distance and then she´ll be interesting to see what this really is. This is the only thing I can think of at this time. <3 Good Luck to get her into your family! <3

  2. Forgot to say, I´ve used the same brush with my 2 babies and they are best furiends. We do also show them the same affection, when one is stroked the other one will be just as soon as the first is done… =) They often look at the other when he´s being stroked and then you see the other one is content when he also get the same affection! =) The thing with the brush is that is should be the head and shoulders because that´s what they clean on each other.

    1. The human did that a few days ago, and he will do it again. But Marley is just getting more comfortable with us. It was funny last night. Marley saw Jacey and growled at her, and I came in and told Marley to calm down. Then the human clapped his hands and everyone got quiet!

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