Ten Fascinating Facts About Felines

If I were not a diabetic cat, you probably would never have heard of me.  I only started talking to humans other than the one who lives with me because I wanted other humans to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun, loving, and playful as any cat.  But diabetic or not, there are some very interesting things you may not know about us.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Will Tell You Some Things About these Two FelinesHere are ten fascinating facts about all 78 million of my fellow felines living in homes in just the United States:

  • We can reach great heights.  In fact, one feline has been to outer space.  The French launched a cat named Felicette into space in 1963.  Jacey, Marley and I prefer to launch ourselves onto the top of the refrigerator or cabinets.
  • Felines sleep two thirds of the day.  When I was first diagnosed as a diabetic cat, my human was worried because I would go to sleep after eating the noms and getting my insulin shot.  He didn’t have to, because that’s just what felines do.  We sleep a lot.
  • Humans and felines share many emotions.  Experts agree that we felines feel happiness, excitability, playfulness, sadness, and anger.  Just seeing me react when I first got my insulin shots and ear sticks would have shown you the last one for sure.
  • Cat bites can be dangerous.  If you make us angry and we bite you, you can end up with a serious infection.  So do not make us angry and you will not have to worry about this
  • In order to reach those extreme heights, we can jump very high. To get to the top of the refrigerator or the cabinets, we Bagheera the Diabetic Cat can Jump Like Thishave to jump.  And some of us felines can jump as far as five times our body length.
  • We can be cloned.  Love your feline and have lots of green paper things to spend?  Well, if you have $50,000, you can clone us after we have to leave you.  Or you could adopt a shelter cat for a lot less and save a life.
  • Felines have an internal GPS system.  I have shared some stories about felines reunited with their humans after many years.  This GPS system allows us to find our way home.
  • Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door.  Theories of gravitation were not the only invention from this wise man!
  • We have a lot of hair.  Anyone with a feline knows this, as does their vacuum cleaner.  Felines have around 130,000 hairs per square inch, which is why you see so much of it around your home.
  • Humans are not the only species that can use the toilet.  We felines can as well.  And yes, you can train us to flush!

Well, that is all from this diabetic cat today.  I hope you enjoyed learning these things.

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2 Replies to “Ten Fascinating Facts About Felines”

  1. Awww you are just the best there is in this world! Love all of you, blind, diabetic, whatever. You can really make us hoomans happy!!! <3 And you Bagheera are so sweet and cute. You look very much alike my Mirrin =) <3

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