Diabetic Cats Becoming A Family Tradition

“Human, did I hear that right?”

“What did you hear, Bagheera?”

“I heard you talking to your father.  I thought I heard you saying that there is another diabetic cat in the family.  Did you say that one of his cats is a diabetic cat like me?”

“Yes, I did, Bagheera.

Two Diabetic Cats in the Human Family Must Endure This“Does this mean that the poor guy will have to endure the ear sticks and insulin shots that I have to?”

“Yes, Bagheera.  That is the treatment that diabetic cats need.  I am helping my father learn from my experience.  The first thing I did is send him the less expensive testing kit instead of the one that I first used when I started treating you.  There’s no reason to use a testing kit where the strips cost about a dollar each when there is one that costs around $0.30 each.  And I told him he has to start giving wet food, even though the other two felines in the house will attempt to consume it.”

“Human, do you think that your father could have kept his cat from getting diabetes?”

“Well, it’s hard to say.  But he certainly was overweight and that could have contributed to it.”

There have not been many studies about how diabetes develops in felines, but given that the treatment is very similar to that of humans, it is likely that the contributing factors are the same.  Some of the contributing factors to humans becoming diabetic are:

  • Obesity
  • Inactivity
  • Age
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • High triglyceride levelsThis can help keep your cat from becoming a diabetic cat

Feline diabetes is likely caused by similar conditions.  The easiest thing that humans can do to prevent their felines from becoming diabetic is keep their weight under control and make sure they are active.

One great way to do this is to play with us.  We felines love to play, and we love it when you humans help us play.  It helps keep us active and it keeps us from becoming overweight.

To try to keep your felines from having to endure the insulin shots and ear sticks that diabetic cats must tolerate, keep them active.

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5 Replies to “Diabetic Cats Becoming A Family Tradition”

  1. Aww thanks Bagheera for sharing these stuff. Lots of people doesn´t know people diabetics either, so you help people understand them also. Just like I am a diabetic. Something that can make people get diabetes also is fat, like butter and stuff like that. But I don´t think you felines have that problem! Thank you for sharing and I´m sharing on in my turn =) =) =) <3

    1. No, that is not a problem for us felines, although sometimes I like to lick the plate when the human is done eating. It is funny that he will let me do this when it is only him, but when other people are around he does not let me.

      1. I have some food that is really high quality also for my babies, earlier they ate it but no more… That is called Petite and they loved the thuna fish but now none of them eat it… So must try something else!

  2. Bagheera, in my opinion, the easiest thing that people can do to keep their cats from becoming diabetic is to feed them a species appropriate, high-protein, low-carb canned or raw food diet. A proper diet can get a cat down to an appropriate weight. No dry food, no dry treats, regardless of brand.

    Folks should read Dr. Lisa Pierson’s feline nutrition website at http://www.catinfo.org.

    1. Yes, the human’s parents did not feed very good food to my cousin Minion. And they did not try to get his weight down. Now he is diabetic like me. It is good that they will be forced to give a higher quality food to him and the other felines in their home.

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