Cats, Litter Boxes, and the Zoomies

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Gets the ZoomiesYesterday, those of you who see my Facebook page will remember that I told you about how I went to use the litter box, and then cleaned my paws on the mat.  But as soon as those icky things were off my paws, I decided to run around the house like crazy. Jacey joined in as well and we had a lot of fun turning our home into a race track.

We felines like to do this.  My human tells me that humans have given this a name.  You call it the zoomies.  Well, we felines do not have a name for it.  We just do it for fun.  And sometimes, we are so busy having fun that we will run into you humans.  We forget that you are not as nimble as us and cannot get out of the way.

One of the humans in white coats has come up with a reason why some of us felines get the zoomies right after we use the litter box.  According to this human in a white coat, many animals get the zoomies.  The reason we might get them right after using the litter box, he concludes, is because we are very relieved at having an empty bladder.

In the case of a diabetic cat like me, we tend to drink a lot of water, and that means our bladder can get very full.  That means when we finally get a chance to empty the bladder, we diabetic cats are much more happy than most cats and the zoomies is the result.

The human tells me that you humans have many terms for this.  You also call it the crazies, chasing invisibles , greeblies, and banshee cats.

We felines do not like to complicate things.  Whatever you want to call it, we call it fun!  And it especially fun for a diabetic cat like me who has an empty bladder.

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  1. My boys use to get that behaviour if they´ve been inside for a long time and it´s cold outside so they don´t want to go out. Then they run around the house and over the bed and everything chasing each other. I thought it was because they hadn´t got any fresh air… =)

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