Le Cafe des Chats Offers Purr Therapy

The human tells me that there are certain cities that you consider very fashionable.  Apparently, a city named Paris is one of them.  He tells me that you humans will get on those noisy long metal tubes to go there because it has many attractions that you want to see.  Now, there is a new one.  It’s a cat cafe called Le Cafe des Chats.

Le Cafe de Chats is a Very Popular Parisian Cat CafeThis cat cafe, located in the third arrondissement, has become very popular.  It should come as no surprise that many Parisians, who live in small apartments, do not have room for felines like me.  But there are many benefits to having felines, and the frequency of our purrs is known to help both felines and humans with many health problems ranging from high blood pressure to problems with ligaments and tendons.

Humans who cannot keep felines in their homes can visit this cat cafe and enjoy the company of a dozen felines.  All of them are either abandoned or stray cats that were brought to the cafe by rescue organizations.  One of them is a special needs cat like me.  Habby suffers from feline dwarfism, and has very short paws and a stubby tail. Humans and Felines Enjoy the Cat Cafe Le Cafe des Chats

When this cat cafe first opened, there were nearly 300 people who wanted to visit and there were lines on the street.  We felines are popular, aren’t we?

The human who operates the cafe says that she came up with the idea after seeing the popularity of the concept in Japan.  There are about 150 cat cafes in that country.  And there are many French people who love their felines, with almost 12 million humans sharing their homes with felines.  Because the cafe is a public restaurant, the human starting it had to work with both animal welfare and the health department.

The cafe can handle around 40 humans at any one time, which is why the 300 humans who lined up to enjoy a coffee with a cat had to wait in line for so long.  In order to make sure that everyone is taken care of, the cat cafe takes reservations.

There are no cat cafes in the United States, although there is a human who is looking to start one in Boston.  Do you think my human should try to open one?  Maybe people going to conventions who miss their felines could come and see me, Jacey, and Marley!

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  1. Why not… I´ve heard about other places also that have cat cafés. Was it in Germany I heard they also have one and that is also very well visited. I think it might be a good idea =)

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