Two Pretty White Cats Need a Furever Home

Hello, my good furiends.  It should come as no surprise to you that I love cat rescue stories.  This cat rescue story is still being written, but there is no question that it is off to a good start.  Now we have to help write a happy ending.

Say hello to two pretty white medium hair cats,Can you help write a happy ending to this cat rescue story? Snowflake and Snowball.  Snowball is the mother, and Snowflake, who is also called Flakey, is the baby.  These two felines were found outside by a kind human couple.  This couple has helped with many cat rescues, so they were used to handling stray felines.  The mother, Snowball, must have been used to humans because she allowed them to pick her up and bring her inside.  She was treated for ear mites, and was found to be healthy but she was also found to be deaf.

Because Snowball is a special needs cat due to her deafness, the humans kept her inside where she can be protected from potential harm.  She loves to be brushed and held.  One day, when the humans were playing with Snowball, they heard a very quiet meow.  It was Snowflake.

Snowflake clearly needed food, and the humans gave this poor kitten, who had been alone for four days, food through a syringe.  When mother and kitten were reunited, Snowball started to groom her kitten immediately.  The two were very happy to be with each other again, and it is clear that Snowflake had a strong will to survive because kittens without food for four days often starve. Love is Beautiful and so are Cat Rescue Stories

So far the story is a wonderful one, but the humans who found Snowball and Snowflake cannot give us the ending we all want.  They have three felines in their home and they just cannot give these felines the furever home they deserve.  Because of the very strong bond between these two white felines, it is best if they stay together.

Can you be the special human who writes the happy ending to this cat rescue story?  If you cannot, please share this story so that someone else can.

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