Smitten with Kittens Event a Huge Success

Because I have always been an indoor only cat, and this became even more important when I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, I’ve never really been able to enjoy living in one of the most pet friendly cities in America.  But I am very glad that I live in a city where there are many kind humans who care about animals like me.

San Diego Humane Society's Smitten With Kittens Event A Huge SuccessBecause they are so kind, the San Diego Humane Society had a problem.  They had too many kittens in their nationally recognized kitten nursery.  In order to help more of my fellow felines, they needed to free up space by finding furever homes for these cats.  This is why they had a three day Smitten With Kittens event, where humans who wanted to give a kitten a furever home could adopt one for only $10.Not only could a human take home a tiny feline for that low fee, but they would also get a free spay or neuter, microchipping, kitten vaccinations, a sample bag of kitten food, and adopter support from a wonderful and knowledgeable human.

Events like this have allowed the San Diego Humane Society to rescue more than 1,500 kittens in just this year alone!  That is a lot of felines this wonderful organization, which the human donates to, has rescued.  And these numbers are for only kA Kitten from the San Diego Humane Societyittens, not adult felines like me, Jacey, and Marley.

The response from the humans who share our wonderful city with us was amazing.  There were 200 kittens who are available for adoption, and every single kitten that was looking for a furever home found one! The response from the kind humans Jacey, Marley, the human, and I share a city with was amazing. And this will allow the wonderful humans at the San Diego Humane Society continue to do their good work.

I always like sharing happy stories with you.  Today, I get to share 200 of them.  That makes today a very happy day.

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  1. Awww I´m so happy to hear that! <3 Just hope people can understand how lovely you felines are. When I was small we had a dog, cat, cows and calfs. My dog (a collie) started taking care of taking the cows out to their summer places. We just showed where we was going with them and then Susie pushed on them to go the right way. Felines has always been around me also and I just love you sweet kitties!

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