Another Happy Cat Rescue Story

I really enjoy sharing happy cat rescue stories with you.  Today, I get to share a story that shows how cruel little humans can be.  It became a happy story because one woman stepped in and helped.

A woman in Atlanta took her goddaughter to a friend’s house that had a community park near it.  She let the child play on the park with a number of kids from the neighborhood.  This is something that happens all the time, and the woman had no idea that she’d end up writing a happy cat rescue story.

Not too long after the child went to play, she came running into the house, screaming and crying.  “The boys are being mean to it, ” she screamed.  “Make them stop!”  The child couldn’t explain what “it” was, but the woman went to the park with the child to see what was going on.

What she saw infuriated her.  A group of boys were standing around a slide, throwing something down from the top of the slide to see which one could make it go the furthest.  The “it” that her goddaughter was talking about was a tiny little kitten, who was only a few weeks old. A Tiny Manx Kitten Like This Became a Great Cat Rescue Story

This human was very kind to the tiny feline, putting it in her pocket and protecting it from the cruel little humans.  She was very stern with the cruel little humans, telling them that people who abuse animals grow up to become serial killers and that she was going to tell their parents about what they were doing.  Because the humans she was stern to were young, they started to cry.  I do not feel sorry for them, because they were abusing a tiny little feline.

This Manx was a tiny little kitten when she became part of a happy cat rescue storyAfter taking the tiny feline to her home and checking it out, she took it to the humans in white coats.  The poor abused feline was looking at her with big eyes the whole time.  Fortunately, she wasn’t injured, just a little underfed and in need of a place to be kept safe and warm.  She also was tailless.  My human would have noticed this and told the human in a white coat about this, but this human did not.  She grew up with Manx cats and did not realize that most of us felines have tails!

The kind human took this little feline home, and gave her that warm and safe place to stay as well as plenty of noms.  That’s how this cat rescue story ended, and the happiness Emma, as the human named the feline, has given her over the past 15 years made her say “she is just the most delicious thing that ever happened.”

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3 Replies to “Another Happy Cat Rescue Story”

  1. Awww this happy story, although started very cruely, made me cry of anger for the cruel kids and of happiness for the lovely human and her goddaughter, that saved the kittie! <3

      1. That was the best parts that the cruel kids could almost feel the same as the kittie had done. They could just be happy that the human didn´t start tossing them around. Just hope they learnt something from that! Happy the human and the kittie was brought together! <3

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