A Human Who Is Likely to Add a Feline

There is a very kind human who went to extreme lengths to make sure a tiny little kitten was rescued from a roof.  The poor kitten had to endure having no food, and cold temperatures before the human was able to rescue her.  He did not live in the building where the kitten was trapped, and he had to go through all sorts of extreme measures to get to the poor cat.

This wonderful cat rescue story starts with a human seeing this kittenOnce he was able to rescue the cat, he took her to the humans in white coats.  Fortunately for her, other than some ear mites, she was a very healthy and happy cat.  This little girl purrs like crazy when she gets some human love, and she also has some very interesting fur.  It is white underneath and black on top!

JiJi Bear, as the human named this tiny little girl, is now in the hands of a very capable cat rescue group.  So we know that this story will end up a happy one no matter what.  But the human who rescued her is wondering if he should write the final chapter in this cat rescue story.  He has a feline, and has always I think this cat rescue story has already been writtenhad a one cat policy.  He is considering changing that.

Based on what I have seen happen with my human and Marley, I think that JiJi Bear has found her furever home.  The human who rescued her will write the “and they lived happily ever after” line to conclude this cat rescue story.

Just think.  My human felt bad that Marley was trapped in a cage and he felt like he had to help her.  It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but the feline human bond between these two has grown very strong.  The bond grow stronger with time, and it is likely that my human will not want to break it.

And my human did not have to climb on a roof of a building which he did not live in, or spend hours in the cold trying to trap Marley.  All he had to do is pick her up and put her in a carrier.

What do you kind humans think?  Has the final chapter of JiJi Bear’s cat rescue story been written?

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7 Replies to “A Human Who Is Likely to Add a Feline”

      1. I so hope that he´ll keep the baby he helped down from the roof! Keep my fingers crossed and my boys keep their paws crossed also <3

          1. And then you look so innocent =). I know Mirrin got me in this way also. He was close death before we went to choose which kitten we was taking, then I decided Mirrin I want and Jonny picked up the one becoming Selmin. We then decided to get two at the same time =)

  1. My human says no, she thinks the kind human who saved JiJi Bear is a fool and will regret it if they do not keep her- how can one say goodbye after all mew went through to save the wee one? I had a fit when my human first brought my sister home, I wouldn’t share and let her know I wanted to be an only cat. Yet in a few weeks I realized my sister was fine with me being top cat in charge, and I grew to love her and still do even though we lost her a year ago to cancer. We had 9 great years together, and shortly after she arrived our formerly feral, failed foster brother showed up in our yard. We were not happy when our human could not give him up six months later to a prospective adopter. I never have liked him even though he got along with our sister, but have learned to tolerate him for my human’s sake. She fell for and bonded with him as he slowly grew to trust and let her pet him. His confidence and longing for a home of his own grew and he came to trust the humans in our family, love our fur doggie sister, and even thought it was his job to be ‘guard cat’of the house and yard! He still does and chases off other cats, dogs, raccoons, even people! My human says his unique personality emerging as she gained his trust endeared him to her forever, so she thinks the kind human who saved JiJi Bear is not out of her life and hopefully they will be together.

    1. Well, that is what Jacey and I are doing with Marley, but it is the opposite situation. We want to play and be furiends with her, but she does not want us to be her furiend. She clearly must have been an only cat, and now that she has to share the human with the two of us, she does not like it.

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