A Cat Cafe May Not Be In Our Future

A few days ago, I shared the story of a cat cafe in Paris called Le Cafe des Chats.  This is just one of many cat cafes that have opened up throughout the world.  You can find one in such countries as Japan, Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  But there aren’t any in the United States.

Let's hope the human can start a cat cafe like this oneOne of the reasons for this is the challenge of complying with local health department laws on animals in food facilities.  It is amusing to me that American humans are so afraid of allowing felines to be near the food they eat when they do so many things that are far more likely to expose them to hazardous germs.  And Japan, where cat cafes originated, is known as a culture very fixated on being clean.  But rules are rules.  I cannot use the human’s bed as my litter box when I am annoyed at him, and humans must comply with rules as well.

The human wanted to see if he could open a cat cafe, and he sent a link with the story of the one in Paris to the humans who regulate places where food is served.  This is what they said to him:

There is not currently any leeway in the California Retail Food Code that allows for any cats in a food facility.  The code specifically prohibits, with a few exceptions, live animals in a food facility.  You might potentially have some luck if you were looking at a food facility and potentially having an adjacent non-food facility that might have cats, but I can’t see that they would be allowed in the food facility itself.Could a Cat Cafe like this be in my future?

Well, the human was not happy with this, but he thinks there is some hope.  He sent another email, asking about whether three different designs would be something that works.

If they say it is possible, he will likely look to get funding to start the first American cat cafe!  And he will work with the kind humans at the San Diego Humane Society to put cats in the cafe who need furever homes.

My paws are crossed.  Can you cross your human paws, too?

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5 Replies to “A Cat Cafe May Not Be In Our Future”

  1. Oh I and my hubby cross our fingers and our boys cross their paws! Hope it will work out well! Hugs to your hoomin and to you dear Bagheera! <3

      1. Hope that you could do as in France I think it was, there they could at least drink coffee with the felines. But if the felines and the food must be in different places, I don´t think anyone would disagree about that. Needs more people though. Wish I lived closer, in that case I could come working for free! <3

  2. My human is not only crossing all four of her human paws, so are many of her cat worshiping friends she told about mewz human looking in to the possibility of doing this in the US! My brother and I are also crossing our paws as we think this is a fabulous idea to help kitties find homes. Our human and us also find it humorous and quite ironic that so many Americans balk at the idea of having cats in a café establishment and the cleanliness factor, yet they will purchase food at fast food restaurants and ‘pink slime beef’ at stores like Walmart unquestioningly! The cleanliness in which these foods are prepared and packages in far from clean meat packing plants using meat from factory farmed animals that were kept in cruel and filthy circumstances. What their meat or food is actually made of is another question they fail to ask too, yet having some kitties in a café is a health hazard?! The cat cafés in other countries do serve food items, but most enforce strict rules that do not allow human patrons to feed the cats human food or have the cats on tables where patrons eat. My aunt attended one in Hong Kong and she said it was far cleaner than many fast food restaurants, movie theaters, ball parks, and school cafeterias. Humans in America who are against cat cafés need to come up with a far better excuse than cleanliness or health hazards to convince my human, for if they are truly serious about it being a threat then they had better shut down every eating, entertainment, and educational establishment that serves food on its premises. The day they do this is as realistic as their so called health concern about having we felines in one!

    1. Well, if that is the way that they do it in other countries, it is similar to what we have to do. We will not be allowed to have the felines where the humans eat, but my fellow felines will be in an area that is accessible to the humans visiting the cafe but not in the food serving area.

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