The Hill’s Science Diet Gift Winners

Hello, kind humans.  You will remember that I told you that I was going to get my furiends at Hill’s Science Diet to send gift baskets to 20 different people.  Sadly, the gift baskets can only be sent to people in the United States, so there are some of you who wanted one who cannot get one.

downloadBut I am happy to announce that I will have the kind humans at Hill’s Science Diet give away all 20 of the gift baskets that the allocated to me.  It is always nice when someone receives a gift.

I will need some information from these people:

  • Joy Browning
  • Kathy Werling
  • Chef Deej
  • Keith Nichols
  • Debbie Maher
  • Alexandra and Furiends
  • April Dawn
  • Sarah Brown

Now, that is only eight people, and I want to make sure that Hill’s Science Diet gives away all 20 of the gift baskets.  I am going to make sure that the humans in white coats that take care of me at Market Street Veterinary Clinic get one, so they can give it to the felines that come to their place.  That will make nine.

You remember that I gave away 40 pounds of Hill’s Science Diet’s grain free food to two rescues.  Sadly, there were many rescues that I could not give any food to.  But now I can give them a gift basket.  I will send gift baskets to these wonderful groups:

And to round things out, I will give the last basket to the kind humans at the San Diego Humane Society.

It is nice that Hill’s Science Diet is allowing me to do this.  I know that some of you do not necessarily like their food, but the rescue organizations and the humans can use it, try it, and if they and their felines like it, they can continue to buy it.  If not, they do not have to.

Besides, who doesn’t like a gift?

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