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Do you remember how I told you about my fellow special needs cat Dottie?  This poor girl was found abandoned in the parking lot of a store.  Some evil and cruel human had tortured poor Dottie by cutting off the feet of her hind legs and one of her ears.  This is why I am so adamant about creating an animal abuse registry.  Evil humans who torture animals must not be allowed to commit their cruel acts again! Special Needs Cat Dottie Relaxing

Dottie has been safe for a while now, and the kind human who has been taking care of her even managed to get the funds to help her get prosthetic legs.  But Dottie, just like many felines, has learned to adopt to her disabilities.  Remember Serenity, Lucky‘s furiend who lost a leg but attempted to hop on things just a few days later?  Well, Dottie did the same thing.  She has adapted to the condition the evil human who tortured her left her in.  What a brave special needs cat!

The kind human who was taking care of Dottie even tried to get Dottie to wear the prosthetic legs.  But Dottie did not like them.  She had gotten used to getting around on the nubs that were left of her hind legs.  And she did not feel like she needed prosthetic legs to help her.  In fact, she started to try to escape when she saw her human coming with the legs.

Dottie the Special Needs Cat is Still ShyDottie is still a relatively shy cat.  She certainly is not as open to humans as Jacey and I are, and I do not blame her at all.  Remember, she came to some humans with curiosity, and she was tortured.  So she does not like being out of her comfort zone.  Her human let her out of the porch, and she did not like it.

But Dottie is doing much better.  She is another example of how special needs cats can become great companions for the right human.  And Dottie is an inspiration for both four legged and two legged creatures, because she shows that even those whose life has started badly can enjoy their lives.

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