Please Help My Fellow Diabetic Cat Buddy

As you know, one of my favorite charities is Diabetic Cats in Need.  Because I am a diabetic cat, I naturally have an affinity towards the felines who are suffering from the same disease as me.  And when the kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need tell me about a feline that needs some help, I fell compelled to help my fellow sugar cat.

Please help my fellow diabetic cat Buddy find a home!They let me know about a feline named Buddy, who lives in central Florida.  He needs to find a furever home very quickly.  His human is a very kind one who is going to be very sad to see Buddy go.  But the human is moving in with someone who is allergic to us felines, so it is not possible for Buddy to remain with his human.

Over the past 13 years, Buddy has been described in two words many times.  These words are mellow and loving.  Unlike me, Buddy does not struggle when it’s time to give him an ear stick to test his blood sugar.  Nor does he mind getting the injection or other medications.  He does not mind other felines, either.  Recently, Buddy had a female feline come into his life, and from what I hear, she is like Jacey and she talks all the time.  But like me, he accepts the talking.

The only thing Buddy wants from his human is to be allowed to sit next to his human and purr and love his human.  He loves to snuggle and you will hear him purr because snuggling up next to his human is all he wants.

And his human is a kind one, too.  Buddy’s medical expenses are being taken care of through pet insurance, and the kind human will continue to pay the insurance so that Buddy can be taken care of.  If it means Buddy will continue to be lavished with the love he clearly deserves, his current human will drive him a long distance.

If you can help my fellow diabetic cat find a human who will provide him with the love he deserves, please visit his Facebook page and let his human know.  This sweet boy only wants a human who he can love.  Let’s help him find one.

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4 Replies to “Please Help My Fellow Diabetic Cat Buddy”

  1. Oh sweet little Buddy! Wish I´d live in the USA so I could take him! He seems to be a very sweet cat. I have already shared it on my fb site and hope someone will be able to take him in! <3

    1. Of course. I am always happy to help my fellow diabetic cats. And what a kind human he has now, who is willing to continue to pay the pet insurance policy to keep the costs down and who will drive Buddy to his new home.

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