Please Share and Help this Burned Cat

Today I must share a very sad story about a cat who was the victim of horrible animal abuse.  Elizabeth is a feline who had a human home, but unfortunately also had an evil and cruel human neighbor.  The 16 year old neighbor threw her into an open pit fire.  This evil human must never be allowed anywhere near any animals again, and that is why we need an animal abuse registry.

Poor Elizabeth is a victim of animal abuseThis was enough cruelty to make me want to take my claws and slash the evil human’s face many times, so he could suffer some of the pain he inflicted on Elizabeth.  I told my human that evil humans like this should be locked in a cage with my bigger feline cousins.  Then they can learn what it is like to be harmed by a creature that is much bigger and stronger than them.  He likes the idea, but he says it is not allowed.

Sadly, this is not where the pain stopped for Elizabeth.  The burning of my fellow feline was more than enough animal abuse.  The humans who failed to protect her were unable to turn her in to Darlington Rescue for several days because she went hiding!  Imagine being in the incredible pain she was in for many days.

Elizabeth was the victim of horrible animal abuse.  Please help!Well, my furiend Lucky shared Elizabeth’s story, and I am sharing it with you.  Much like Lucky, despite being in tremendous pain and having many reasons to not trust humans, she purrs and head butts the humans who are helping her recover.  Elizabeth is going to need a foster who can help her recover.  She will have to be an indoor only cat, and this horrible case of animal abuse is another example of  why it’s best for all of us to be indoor only cats.

To learn more about Elizabeth, you can go to the Darlington Rescue Facebook page.  Please share her story.  Let’s see if we can write a happy ending to this story like we did for Lucky and for Justin.

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5 Replies to “Please Share and Help this Burned Cat”

  1. That ‘thing’ who threw this baby into the fire should be severely punished with JAIL time! This stuff has to stop!! There needs to be a national registry of animal abusersof ANY and ALL humans! Enough Is Enough!

  2. OMG, I´m crying for poor Elizabeth!!! :'(. How can hoomins be so cruel. I go with you Bagheera, put that evil shit in with some of your bigger cousins and let your cousins take care of it. I can´t call that a person when being that cruel. Not an animal either because animals aren´t that cruel! Grrrrr! I´ve shared this!

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