Can a Diabetic Cat Become a Star Cat?

“Human, wake up.”

“What is it, Bagheera?  I already gave you noms and your insulin shot.  And I am very happy that you are lying down next to Marley’s cage and she is accepting this.  Now let me relax, please.”

Please help a diabetic cat show that he can be a star cat“No, human, you cannot relax.  You entered me in a contest.  You have to tell everyone about the contest and why you entered me in it first.  Then you have to get up and go to your yoga class and tell me, Jacey, and Marley about how flexible it makes you and how it improves your balance.  We think it is cute that you are trying to become as nimble and flexible as us felines, but it is amusing because you fall so far short.”

“Bagheera, you know I give you your insulin and test your blood sugar twice a day because you are a diabetic cat.  Don’t forget, if you don’t let me get enough sleep, my hand might not be as steady.”

“And my paw might have to swat at the unsteady hand, human.”

The human entered me in the Modern Cat Star Cat contest.  I am in competition with many famous felines, including my furiends Lucky, Aerostotle, Lazarus, and Maggie.  Sadly, only one of us can win.  But it is good for so many special needs cats to be in the contest.  My goal has always been to show humans that diabetic cats like me are as loving, fun, and playful as felines who do not suffer from this disease.  All we need a human who is willing to do the extra work associated with keeping us healthy. Please help this diabetic cat enjoy the sun puddle more

This goes for all special needs cats.  We just need a human who will spend the extra time with us.  Whether it’s the insulin shots and ear sticks a diabetic cat needs, or the surgery that Maggie needed, or the patience and healing that Lucky needed, all we need is just a little more attention.  And as all of us can tell you, we will reward the human who invests in that extra care with lots of love.

Can you help me in this contest by voting for me and sharing the word about this contest?  And be sure to vote for my furiends. Then we can educate humans about special needs cats!

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      1. I´ve always loved animals, since a little girl and I do what ever I can to help. Usually that´s not so much, but when needed I run to help! <3

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