Happy Cat Adoption Stories For a Monday

I am always happy to share stories of cat adoptions, because it is always good when one of my fellow felines finds a furever home.  It is even more fun when a feline who is not likely to get adopted finds a home.  This is why I am very happy to share a story of a cat adoption that came about through Tenth Life cats.

Thanks to Tenth Life, Pearl Gets to Share a Happy Adoption StoryIt’s always good news when Tenth Life shares a successful cat adoption story.  But this story is one that is extra special.  Sadly, most senior felines who are surrendered do not find a home.  This is very sad because no feline should live their final years without a human that cares for them.

Sadly, this is what happened to Pearl.  She is a senior cat, since she is approximately 12 years old.  About a month ago, she arrived at Tenth Life after being found wandering outside.  Despite being thin, Pearl was perky, healthy, and not surprisingly for a senior feline, a little sassy.

Tenth Life figured Pearl was going to spend a lot of time with them because senior felines do not get adopted quickly.  But only a few weeks after taking in Pearl, they found a human with a soft spot for older felines like her.  This happy cat adoption story ends with Pearl spending time getting to know her new brofur, Diesel, and being surrounded by loving humans.

I have another happy adoption story to share with you.  The human, Jacey, and I have decided that we are going to welcome Marley into our home for good.  The human started leaning this way when she started to bond with him, but he was not sure if Jacey and I would accept her, or more importantly, if it was good for Marley. Marley Is Another Happy Cat Adoption Story

Well, today, we got a sign that she has finally gotten used to both me and Jacey.  Marley was inside her cage, and Jacey came over and put her paw inside.  Marley did not growl.  In fact, Marley turned around so that Jacey could sniff her rear.  As you know, when felines do this, it signals acceptance.

Now that Marley has come around to accepting her role in my clowder, Jacey and I have told the human it would be very sad if she was to leave.  He agrees, especially since she has bonded with him.  We think that she has found her furever home.

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6 Replies to “Happy Cat Adoption Stories For a Monday”

    1. I did not think that she was going to join us. I thought some other human would give her a furever home because she is such a pretty girl. And for a long time, I was worried that she would not fit in with us. But now she has learned to tolerate our antics, and so she is welcome to stay.

    1. I love sharing good news. I was not planning on having another feline in the home, but Marley finally told us that she wanted to join us. Now we do not wish to break up the bonds that have formed.

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