Why Do Almost All Felines Love Boxes?

The joke goes that no matter what you humans buy us, we like the boxes they come in even more.  Because I am a diabetic cat, the human has to purchase syringes, lancets and testing strips.  He gets those delivered to the house to save some money.  I do not like the ear sticks or the insulin injections, but guess what I do with the box that they come in?  Of course I hop into it.

I don't like the needles and lancets that diabetic cats must endure, but I love the box they come inAnd I am not the only feline who likes to do this.  Jacey does this, Marley does this, and every feline my human has shared his home with does it.  We are not the only felines who do this.  Virtually every cat loves to play in boxes.

Why is this?  In a word, security.  Boxes provide us with a place to hide from potential predators, and they also provide us with a place to stalk potential prey without being noticed.  I know that indoor cats like me do not have to worry about predators, and the only prey we stalk are bugs, but the instincts we developed as nature’s perfect predator do not go away just because we have humans to take care of us.

This is why our human often shakes his head when he buys us toys.  We often will ignore the toys and play in the box they came in.  It’s enough to get me to ignore the fact that the box contained the lancets and needles a diabetic cat must endure!

While we do enjoy a good box, we are not quite as enthusiastic about it as one feline whose antics have been seen millions of times.  Maru‘s enthusiasm with boxes has earned him more than 400,000 subscribers on YouTube as well as millions of views of his videos.  Here’s one for you to enjoy.

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  1. Aww you guys are just so fun and lovely to be around. Although my boys are really not too attached to boxes… For some strange reason 😉

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