Keep the Feline out of the Christmas Tree

“Human, isn’t it time for you to get a tree up?”

“There’s not enough room for one here, BaghOne of my fellow bengal cats is figuring out to give a human a cat in tree pictureeera.  Besides, the last time I did, some naughty feline knocked it down and broke many of the decorations.  Who was that?”

“It’s your fault, human.  You didn’t get the right kind of tree and you didn’t get the right kind of decorations.  How is it my fault that you got the wrong tree?”

“Well, if you could have kept out of the tree, we wouldn’t have had any problems.  Maybe you should tell everyone what they should think of when they buy a tree to make it safer for you felines.”

A cat in tree situation during the holidays seems like something that’sNow this is a funny cat in tree situation funny and cute.  But it can be dangerous, because we can knock the tree down, and the decorations can break.  Also, the decorations you humans put on the tree, even if they are not breakable, may be something that we cannot resist which are also dangerous to us.

From our friends at And My Cat, here are some things to think of when you buy a tree this holiday season:

  • Purchase the tree with your feline in mind.  Rather than getting a huge tree that could cause damage if it comes crashing down, get a smaller one.  There is some debate whether an artificial tree or a natural one is better for use felines.  If you get a natural tree, make sure to wrap the bark with foil so we don’t eat it and do not let us get to the water used to keep it from losing its needles
  • A corner is the best location for a tree.  That way it’s protected on two sides.  Try to keep furniture away, because you know we felines will use it as a launching pad.
  • Another way to prevent a cat in tree situation is to spray the tree with some citrus scent.  Have you ever noticed that we will attempt to eat lots of human food, but never citrus?  We don’t like its smell.  Applying it to the tree may help keep us away
  • Shiny ornaments dangling where we can reach them make great feline toys.  Put them higher up, and be very careful with tinsel.  It’s tempting to us and can present digestive problems for us.  You may want to use softer ornaments so even if we do knock them down, they do not break.
  • A bitter spray can help.  We felines do not like this smell any more than we like the citrus smell.  Spraying this on the tree may keep us off it.
  • Make sure the base is stable.  If we felines are determined to get into the tree, we’re going to create a cat in tree situation.  So make sure that the base is stable and the tree won’t fall.  Surrounding the base with presents can be a good help.

If, after all this, you end up with a cat in tree event, if it’s cute, take a picture of it and share it on my Facebook page!

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4 Replies to “Keep the Feline out of the Christmas Tree”

  1. Earlier we had a artificial tree also, a big one. Mirrin and Selmin always picked out the ornaments at bottom. So these last 2 years we haven´t had any tree, I bougt other light stuff instead. This year I bought an other artificial tree only 60 cm high and with ornaments that doesn´t matter if they fall. It´s up on a table. I just liked to have a little more x-masy =). Anyway lets see what happens =). So far it´s been left alone =)

      1. Exactly what I was thinking. It doesn´t matter if that falls, bec it doesn´t hurt them and doesn´t do any damage around either =). They was so curious and really checked me out when I put it up yesterday =).

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