Humans Have Questions for a Diabetic Cat

One of the things I like doing the most is helping humans who are caring for diabetic cats like me.  Often, when a feline family member is diagnosed with diabetes, their humans have many questions.  Now remember, I can answer general questions.  But always check with the humans in white coats for specific directions related to your feline’s care.

The first question I will answer comes from a human whose friend just received the news that her cat has diabetes.  The human who cares for this feline wants to do everything she can to take care of her diabetic cat, but she is dealing with medical issues of her own.  She is on disability, and she has two kids and two other cats that she must take care of.  Because of this, she is concerned that finding enough green paper things to pay for the insulin and syringes her feline will need is going to be a problem, and she is looking for help.

Diabetic Cats In Need Helps Humans who Need Financial Assistance For their Diabetic CatOne of my favorite organizations that helps felines is Diabetic Cats in Need.  The mission of this organization is “helping diabetic cats and their people.”  These wonderful humans have a financial assistance program, and the amount of help provided will depend on their resources as well as the ability of the human caretaker to pay.  Humans who are having trouble paying for their diabetic cat’s care can turn to them for help.

My next question comes from a human who received the news that her feline Skitty is a diabetic cat.  She is worried that Skitty will react to the twice daily insulin shots and stop liking her.

You are a very kind human to worry about Skitty starting to dislike you because you give her insulin.  But here is a little secret.  Generally, because the insulin needles are so thin, we don’t really feel them.  Those don’t bother us. A Diabetic Cat Gets His Insulin Shot

The ear sticks for blood sugar testing bother me more, but I have learned to tolerate them.  The human has also gotten better at giving them to me so that they do not hurt me as much.

But I do not love my human any less than I did before he started injecting me with insulin and giving me blood sugar tests.  Every morning, I still hop up on his bed and start kneading the pillow he is not using.  Then when the lighted box starts making noises, I give him sandpaper kisses to get him up.

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  1. Awww Bagheera I can see that you love your human! You just wait for your human to wake up to be able to give you your medecine! I´m so happy it´s like that! Love to read about you Bagheera! <3 As usual I shared this link! <3

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