Learn About an Extra Special Diabetic Cat

We diabetic cats are definitely a small portion of the feline community.  Estimates are that around one percent of us felines are diabetic cats.  For most of us, insulin and a high protein, low carbohydrate diet is all the treatment we need, and we live happy and healthy lives.  Well, mostly happy, because we have to endure the torture of syringes and ear sticks but that’s only for a short time each day.

But for a small group of diabetic cats, the disease is more complicated.  They are not just fighting diabetes.  They are fighting a much more unusual condition called acromegaly.  Symptoms of acromegaly include:

  • A gain in lean body mass despite uncontrolled diabetes
  • Enlargement of the paws, chin, and skull
  • Glucose levels that remain uncontrolled despite doses of above 20 units of insulin per day
  • High cholesterol and liver enzyme levels
  • Protein in the urine

Say hello to Extra Special Diabetic Cat LilyThis is the condition that an extra special cat who I will introduce you to is suffering from.  Her name is Lily.  She was found by a kind human when she was a tiny little kitten hiding under a car.  That was many years ago, and Lily was given little chance of surviving.  Well she did, and she grew and became a strong and playful adult feline.  Because acromegaly causes an abnormal secretion of growth hormones, she continues to grow.

Sadly, there are no proven treatments for felines suffering from acromegaly.  All treatments are experimental.  Some experiments have been conducted using treatments for humans suffering from this condition and seeing if it works for these cats, who are often referred to as acrocats.

A while ago, I introduced you to a kind human who had adopted two canines from the San Diego Humane Society and who participated in the Walk for the Animals.  This human is the one who took in Lily when she was a tiny kitten, and she wants thCan Bagheera's Buddies Help Extra Special Diabetic Cat Lily?e best for her feline.

According to the initial research, the most promising treatment for acrocats is radiation therapy.  But just like with humans, this is a very expensive treatment, and she could use some help getting those green paper things.

If you want to help Lily, you can go to her YouCaring page and donate there.  And as always, if you do not have any green paper things to give, please share this story so other humans can help.

My goal with this page is to help raise awareness of feline diabetes.  Now we have an extra special diabetic cat, and I want to help raise awareness of her condition, too.

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3 Replies to “Learn About an Extra Special Diabetic Cat”

    1. Do not feel too bad for Lily. She has a human who has cared for her a long time and who wants the best for her feline. That is a very good way for us felines to live, even if we have a disease that causes problems.

      1. That is the best part, that the hoomin take care of sweet Lily! <3 Thank you for letting us learn and know about all these lovely furiends! <3

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