Two Cats Recover After Surviving Explosion

An explosion at a home is a very dangerous situation for both four legged and two legged inhabitants.  Sadly, this is what happened in Cape May County, New Jersey.  A house explosion occurred on November 7, and the humans were critically injured.  They are still in rehabilitation.

It is good news that the humans survived.  And they got some news that made them feel better when they found out that their feline companions were survivor cats and had made it through the explosion as well.

Dusty is one tough survivor cat, surviving a house explosionThe first survivor cat, Dusty,  was found in the rubble of the house.  She was suffering from burns to her head and feet.  To help her recover, she was taken to the humans in white coats at Ocean View Veterinary Hospital, where she is being cared for now.  And this survivor cat is a sweet cat, too.

This survivor cat was sitting still and not fussing with the humans in white coats when she got a saline bath, which she must endure daily.  That is why they said about Dusty, “she really is a great cat…she’s really made taking care of her very, very easy.”

Daisy, the other feline in the house, was seen wandering through the neighborhood.  Kind humans started putting food out for the girl, and she was captured by animal control after almost a month out in the cold.  This survivor cat did not suffer injuries that were as serious as those that her companion Dusty did.  Her whiskers were singed and that was the extent of her injuries. Daisy is a two time survivor cat, surviving both an explosion and the elements

“She’s doing great,” said one of the humans in white coats about Daisy.  “She didn’t get it as bad as Dusty did” and she’s “very talkative.”

And in what is a very kind gesture, the humans in white coats are not asking for green paper things from the humans whose house exploded.  We “would never charge them for anything…whatever they need, as long as they need to stay with us, they’ll stay.”

This gesture is very much appreciated.  Daisy’s and Dusty’s humans “call every day” and “text every day.  They want to know how the kitties are doing.”

It is a very sad situation that these humans and felines found themselves in.  But they all survived and they will be very happy to reunite with each other eventually.

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  1. Oh such a sad, but at the same time good story. Just hope they can be reunited soon. It´s terrible to be apart, although the humans do at least know their felines are well taken care of, but the felines doesn´t know that about the humans. Good that all of them survived and will be reunited! <3 <3 <3

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