Very Sad News About Burn Victim Elizabeth

I have some very sad news to share with you about my fellow feline Elizabeth.  You will remember that I shared the story of this poor girl, who was thrown into a fire by an evil and cruel human.  She was found a few days later, and surrendered by the humans who were supposed to care for her to the Darlington County Humane Society.  Humans in white coats treated her injuries and there was hope that this sweet girl would recover from the harm inflicted on her by a cruel and evil human.

The Darlington County Humane Society Helped Animal Abuse Victim ElizabethI was hoping that this story of animal abuse would end up with a happy ending, similar to what happened with Lucky or Justin, who were both burned by evil humans and recovered.  Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Elizabeth left us early in the morning yesterday.  This tough and loving cat crashed twice during the day but recovered.  Sadly, the injuries inflicted by the horrible animal abuse she suffered were too much.  She fought hard, but her poor This poor victim of animal abuse did not make itbody was not able to continue the fight that her spirit wanted to continue.

This sweet girl did not go alone and she continued to show her loving spirit to the very end.  Even though her time was close, she continued to purr and give head bonks to the humans in white coats who were treating her.  Humans in white coats are used to helping felines who are in bad shape leave us peacefully.  But Elizabeth’s struggle made even their voice crack and caused them to have leaky eyes.

The kind humans at the Darlington County Humane Society and the organization that was going to take in Elizabeth, Caring for Creatures, will not let this sweet girl’s death be in vain.  Many humans had given green paper things to them so that Elizabeth could get the care she needed to recover. Caring for Creatures Hoped to Help Animal Abuse Victim Elizabeth

Both organizations will be setting up funds in honor of Elizabeth so that future felines who need emergency medical help can get it.  Elizabeth may be gone, but she will help save other felines.

I will let you know when these funds are set up.  We cannot bring Elizabeth back, but let’s help save other felines in her memory.  And please, help prevent animal abuse by signing the petition to create an animal abuse registry.

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4 Replies to “Very Sad News About Burn Victim Elizabeth”

  1. Oh no! I´m crying my eyes out! Poor Elizabeth, wee baby! I so wish the bad people getting their Karma at once! Shared this and hope there are others that have some extra green stuff to give away! <3 <3 <3

  2. I am so saddened by Elizabeth’s death. Poor girl…suffered so much at the hands of an evil, vile, horrid inhuman monster. Enjoy Rainbow Bridge, girl! We will meet you there someday! :'(

    1. She left knowing that she was loved, and tried to show the humans in white coats that she loved them. And her spirit has already saved another feline’s life. Her death will not be in vain!

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