Elizabeth’s Spirit Is Saving Other Cats

I know that many of you had leaky eyes when you heard the story of how Elizabeth could not fight off the injuries she incurred due to a horrible incident of animal abuse.  If even humans in white coats, who are used to helping felines leave us when they are suffering, got leaky eyes, then it is no surprise that other humans would get them.

But Elizabeth’s spirit is strong.  While she may no longer be with us physically, her spirit is already helping with cat rescue!

Caring for Creatures has already started a cat rescue in memory of ElizabethCaring for Creatures will be helping with this cat rescue.  Like Elizabeth, the feline they will be helping was a victim of animal abuse.  Her abuse was not a cruel and deliberate act, but it caused her suffering just the same.  She was a victim of hoarding.  In a hoarding situation, because of neglect, some cats are beyond rehabilitation and cannot become part of a normal human home.  Some are borderline, and some are amazingly well adjusted and can join a normal home easily.

Liza is one of the borderline cases.  She is a very pretty cat, but beLiza is the first cat rescue that Elizabeth's spirit helped withcause of her borderline nature, she was not adopted after a long time.  Caring for Creatures, in conjunction with the Darlington County Humane Society, is going to take her in.  The humans who have been caring for her have been very good to her, but she is still a shy girl.  Liza is going to need more attention and care on a daily basis so that she can get to a point where she can find a furever home.

The human tells me that a famous person, who my good furiend Linky is named after, once said “we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.”  The Darlington County Humane Society and Caring for Creatures, with this cat rescue, are putting those words in action.  Elizabeth’s death will not be in vain, and because of her, many other felines will live.  Liza’s story is just the first of what I am sure will be many cat rescues.

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