Six Year Old Girl Saves Cat By Meowing

It always makes me happy when I share the story of a cat rescue with you. Whether it is a cat who is trapped on a pole, or a cat stuck inside a wall, when humans go to extreme length to rescue one of my fellow felines, it makes me happy.

Almost always, it is an adult human who helps rescue the cat.  And they often have to work very hard to complete the rescue.  That is why I am so happy to share with you a cat rescue story that involves a six year old girl and her voice.

A little kitten was hiding in the bushes near a human’s home.  Any time a human came towards it, it would run away and go hiding.  Many humans wanted to help this feline, but it was justifiably scared.  But a six year old girl had a plan.  For a week straight, she would visit the feline, and meow to it.  The feline would meow back.

She was able to get the kitten to trust her enough so that it would come out of the bushes, and sit next to the girl.  The kitten still would not allow the girl to touch her, but that was enough.  Because the kitten was out in the open, other humans were able to trap her for her safety. A Six Year Old Girl Wrote a Very Happy Cat Rescue Story with her Voice

After getting the kitten checked by the humans in white coats, there was only one place for this cat to go.  She had to go to the home of the girl she trusted.  And the first human she allowed to pet her was the girl.  After a few days of living with its two legged family, the cat escaped into a crowded basement.  The adult humans were unable to find her, but when the six year old girl came downstairs and meowed, her feline friend responded and they were able to rescue her one more time.

There is no living thing — human or feline — that this cat trusts more than its six year old human friend.  This bond is one that will never be broken.  What a wonderful cat rescue story!

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One Reply to “Six Year Old Girl Saves Cat By Meowing”

  1. Awww how lovely story! I cry reading it. It´s so lovely to see that the feline came to someone that loved her. I was doing almost the same thing to a stray at our yard many years ago. I started sitting on the side of the stairs up to the door, talking to (who became to be Lilleman), I threw some sausage parts to him, very far at first, he came and naped it with his claws, eyes on me. Then finally after some days I got him to come up to my knees to take it. After some weeks my mum woke up in the middle of the night and said that “Rulle sleeps on my feet now”, “no he sleeps on my” dad said, when putting on the lamp they saw that Rulle and Lilleman was in their bed. Rulle was my sweet heart, he opened the door himself when wanting to come in, so that night Lilleman though best to go inside in the warmth! =)

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