Keep Your Home Cat Safe For the Holidays

As a diabetic cat, I am used to enduring things that are dangerous for felines if they were not properly stored.  That is why my human keeps these things in a safe place where I cannot get to them.  During this time of year, a lot of humans bring things into their home that can be dangerous for their feline companions.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Gives Advice on Holiday Season SafetyMy furiends at Catster have put together a list of items that can be dangerous to us felines.  Please be careful with these things.

  • Holiday plants.  Please be sure that you are careful with the plants that you bring in during the holiday season.  Poinsettias, many of which are grown near where I live, are not good for felines.  However, they’re a lot less dangerous than some other plants that are often part of holiday celebrations.  Lilies should not be anywhere near a feline.  We do not even need to eat the plant to get very sick from it.  Just brushing against it can be very harmful.  And mistletoe may be something that you humans like to kiss under, but if we felines touch it, it can hurt us.
  • Tinsel.  This is something we cannot resist.  And it can kill us.  Remember how Batgirl had to have surgery to have a string removed from her stomach?  That can happen with tinsel.  It’s best to keep it far away from us.
  • Glass ornaments.  These are very pretty, but you know we felines love to bat things around.  And if it’s made out of a breakable material like glass, it can easily shatter when we bat it around and cause wounds.
  • Electrical wiring.  We love to nom on these.  Don’t leave it exposed because it can be very dangerous not just for felines, but it can cause a fire if we bite through the insulation.
  • Human food.  Yes, we may beg you for the noms you humans eat.  But there are many things you humans eat that are bad for us felines.  PlusTukey is okay for a diabetic cat but most human noms are not, it is probably a bad idea to have us eating your noms during the holiday season, because then we will think it is okay year round.
  • Pine needles.  Those trees are very nice, but the needles can puncture our internal organs.  Please keep us from eating these.

If you take the right precautions, the holiday season can be a very fun one for both humans and felines.  I hope it is a wonderful one for you!

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2 Replies to “Keep Your Home Cat Safe For the Holidays”

  1. Wish you a really lovely Christmas too with lots of noms! =) I think we have it very good secured here with everything! When our boys came home we always told them to let the wires be, and we sprayed some water on them as soon as they tuched the wires. Now there´s no problem anymore =)

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