Be a Shelter Pet’s Santa, Find Them a Home

The holiday season is among us, and this means that many of you humans will be giving gifts to your loved ones.  It is a happy time for humans.  For felines like me, Jacey, and Marley, it is a fun time for us to spend with our humans.

The Shelter Pet Project Hopes to Find Pets Furever Homes This Holiday SeasonSadly, there are too many of my fellow felines who do not have furever homes like we do.  These felines are shelter pets, and all they want this holiday season is a home they can call their own.  And the Shelter Pet Project is working very hard this holiday season to make that happen.

You kind humans can help them do this by participating in their Secret Santa project.  And it’s easy to participate.

  • Go to the Shelter Pet Project’s photo album, and choose a rescue group in your area.  If no rescue groups are listed for your area, you can choose anyone you want.
  • Find a shelter pet from the rescue group that you want to help.  Post the pet’s name in the comments for the picture of the rescue group you chose.
  • You’ll find the directions on how to share the information for the pet you are seeking to find a home for in the Facebook photo.
  • Spread the word Please Participate in the Shelter Pet Project's Secret Santa

Let’s try to find as many shelter pets as we can a furever home.  I think of poor Marley, being kept in a small cage at the PetSmart and know she is very happy that our human saw her, couldn’t stand to see her in the cage, and brought her home.

There are many shelter pets who have been in that situation for longer, and all they want is a furever home.  Let’s see how many shelter pets we can find a home for.  This will make for a very happy holiday season for both animals and humans!

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