Very Happy News About Diabetic Cat Kitty

I love sharing happy stories with you, and today I get to share the wonderful news of my fellow diabetic cat Kitty.  Kitty is a 16 year old calico cat who was in Noblesville, Indiana.  The wonderful humans at the Humane Society for Hamilton County found her a foster home so that she could get a chance to spend the rest of her days at a furever home.  It took a long time, but Kitty reKitty the Diabetic Cat Has a Furever Home!ceived the best present a feline could hope for.

Kitty was adopted on December 3!  She had to travel a long way from her foster home in Indiana, all the way to Texas.  That kind of travel is stressful, and for a diabetic cat, it’s very important to try to keep our stress levels down so that our blood sugar levels can be controlled.

Kitty was sad to leave the foster human who took such good care of her, but she was excited to join her furever family and make furiends with her brofurs Hoosier and Smudge.  It took a while for her to make it to Texas, because the transport was complicated to arrange.  But Kitty arrived in her new furever home yesterday, and she is settling in nicely.

This wonderful story required some very special humans.  First, the humans at the Humane Society for Hamilton County had to give a 16 year old diabetic cat a chance.  It’s difficult for diabetic cats to find homes, and it’s even more difficult for an older diabetic cat to find one.Kitty the Diabetic Cat Noms in Her Furever Home

And a human who wouldn’t pass special needs cats like Kitty or me by when they go to adopt a feline had to adopt her.  Most humans don’t understand that while we need a little extra care, for a human who can give just a little more time and effort, we are wonderful and loving companions.  I am grateful for humans who realize this, and adopt felines like Kitty.

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  1. So happy to hear that Kitty have found a forever home, even if it was far to go! <3 Good there is nice caring people. Yesterday I was in to Vasa (our nearby town) to the cat shelter and gave them a plastic bag full of feline food! Since I can´t get more cats myself I still wanted to halp a little! I did also buy the Hills Science diet food, this morning I tried one of the vet food, that was fish taste and at least Mirrin ate =)

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