Felines Running Out of the Litter Box

Sadly, as a diabetic cat, one place where I spend more time than I want to is the litter box.  But when I am done with the litter box, I, like many felines, run right out of it.  This is a source of amusement and frustration for my human.  He is amused because I get out and take off running, which he thinks is cute.  But he does not like it because I track litter outside of the bathroom, and he has to clean it up.  The human needs to make up his mind!

A Diabetic Cat May Do This but It May Be NothingThis is not something that is unique to me.  Many felines run out of the litter box, so much so that our furiends at And My Cat did an article about reasons why we do this.

The first possible reason for this, they said, is because we do not like the litter box or the litter in it.  We felines are creatures of habit.  If you have changed the litter recently, we may not like it.  We also may not like the box, and even the color of the box can make us not like the box.  Just like you humans, we felines want to get away from places we do not like as soon as we can!

Our wild instincts may also be kicking in.  Even though I am a diabetic cat who has always been taken care of by a human, I still retain those instincts.  Like you humans, when we are using the litter box, we are vulnerable.  We do not like being in a vulnerable position, so we seek to get out of it as quickly as possible.  The human thinks this may be what I’m thinking, because Jacey loves to ambush me after I step out of the bathroom. Diabetic Cat or Not, This is a More Calm Way to Use the Litter Box

We also may have some of the stuff in the litter box clinging to our fur.  You humans use wads of paper to get rid of those.  We do not have that option, but running quickly can help get that off us.

Generally speaking, sprinting from the litter box is just a quirk of feline behavior.  But if it’s accompanied by something like a lot of urination, or painful urination, it’s time to talk to the humans in white coats.  I did not like being in the litter box because I had to go so much before I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat and treated for it.

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