Two New York Felines Need Help Fast

Furiends, I am always looking to help my fellow felines.  Today there are two felines in New York who need a cat rescue.  We have written many happy cat rescue stories, and I am hopeful we can write another one about these felines.

Can We Write a Happy Cat Rescue Story for Monte and Scrappy?Monte and Scrappy adopted a men’s rehabilitation facility more than a decade ago.   During that time, they became close to the humans there, and often wandered through the facilities.  It is not as good of a life that I have, but for a cat living outdoors, it is a pretty good life.

At the end of this month, the facility will be moving to a new location.  And the felines are not going to the new location.  I do not know why they are doing this, because it’s clear that felines in a health care facility can be good for the humans there.  Monty and Scrappy have been good for the humans in the rehabilitation facility so I think they should go with them.

The rehabilitation facility is in an isolated area where there are few people around, and that means it is going to be tough for these two boys to get help from humans like they have for so long.  And they are not even guaranteed that if they were given food and water, they would be okay.

First, Monte and Scrappy would have to fight other animals for the food.  We felines are pretty tough, but constantly having to fight off raccoons and other animals for food is not a good way to live.  Second, the rehabilitation facility will be torn down and a new building will go up there, which is not good for these cats.

Thanks to you kind humans, we have been able to write many happy cat rescue stories.  Can we write one more during the holiday season?

I hope we can.  Please contact the human who is looking to help rescue these cats.  You can call him at 818-730-9415.  Do not grill the man or attack him.  He is a kind human who wants to help write a happy cat rescue story.

If we share this story with enough people, I am sure we will.

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