Jacey and Marley Recap the Last Week

Hello, kind humans.  This is Jacey.  Our human brought home a new toy, and Bagheera is busy investigating it.  I will recap the week with a little help from Marley, who is much more tolerant of us.

Jacey and Marley Share Stories for Bagheera the Diabetic Cat“Don’t push your luck, Jacey.”

“Marley,  all I want to do is play!  You just need to get used to it.”

“I do not consider your ambushes playing.  They annoy me.”

“Get used to it, Marley.”


Okay, human, we will calm down and share some stories.

Bagheera shared with you a story about felines running out of the litter box.  Many humans wonder why we felines run out of the litter box when we are done.  Unlike you humans, who like to sit on that watery litter box for a long time and read, we felines want to be in and out of the box.  Sometimes, we run out of it.  And then, of course, you humans sigh and have to sweep up the litter we scatter.

Bagheera shared a story about possible reasons why this little quirk of feline behavior can occur.  Remember, though, if you think something is wrong, check with the humans in white coats.

“If you wouldn’t ambush him, Jacey, he might stop.”

“There you go again with the complaints about ambushes.  They are fun!”

“For you, but not for me and Bagheera!”

Speaking of Bagheera, we are all thrilled that one of his fellow diabetic cats found a furever home.  An older calico sugar cat found a furever home.  Kitty had to travel all the way from Indiana to Texas, but now she has a furever home.  It is very good news that kind humans worked very hard to find this senior diabetic cat a home where she can spend the rest of her golden years relaxing.

And another diabetic cat whose story Bagheera shared with you, Sebastian Purrbox, is on his way to a furever home.  We do not have all the information about him and will share it with you later.   But we are very happy he has a furever home. Diabetic Cats in Need Found Sebastian a Furever Home

The humans and felines who have taken Sebastian in are going to be getting a wonderful feline addition to the family.  One of the felines in the home growled and hissed at Sebastian.

“That sounds familiar, huh, Jacey?”

“Marley, be quiet, I am telling a story!  And you can learn a lesson from Sebastian.”

Sebastian’s response to the growling and hissing was to purr.  That is how sweet this sugar cat is!  What a happy story.

That is all from us.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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