Interesting Facts about Felines and Sleep

You humans know that we felines love to sleep.  But do you know why we like to sleep?  Here are some cat facts about sleeping, courtesy of my furiends at Catster.

Enjoy some interesting cat facts about feline sleepingFirst, all the sleeping we felines do is in our genes.  We typically sleep up to 16 hours a day.  Compare that to the eight hours you humans typically sleep.  And if you think those 16 hours are a lot, as we get older, we sleep even more.  An interesting cat fact is that we felines can sleep up to 20 hours a day when we get older.  This is because we evolved to stalk, chase, and kill prey, which takes a lot of energy.  That means we have to sleep to conserve energy when we are not on the hunt.

But we are not always sound asleep.  Typically, much of the time we spend sleeping is in a light sleep.  Watch us when we are asleep.  Another interesting cat fact is how our ears will twitch towards sound when we are sleeping.  That’s because we’re ready to wake at a moment’s notice.

About a quarter of our sleeping time is spent in deep sleep, where we do dream.  When we are in deep sleep, we are typicaAn interesting cat fact is that when we are asleep in a tight ball, we are in deep sleeplly curled up, and sometimes our tail will cover our face.  This deep sleep phase helps with regeneration and recovery.  When we are in this phase of sleep, you will often see our paws and whiskers twitch.

Another interesting cat fact is that some of us will snore just like you humans do.  Extra skin from our soft palate can partially obstruct our airway, especially when we are very relaxed.  So when we are in deep sleep, you may hear us making little feline snoring sounds.

Finally, a change in sleeping habits may mean that it’s time to take us to the humans in white coats.  If we sleep too much, we may be sick or in pain.  And if we do not sleep enough, it may be because of hyperthyroidism.

I hope that I helped you learn a few cat facts about how we felines sleep and that you found them interesting.

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  1. Thank you for letting me know that you felines also might sleep too much! I had no idea about that! Thank you. Knows what to check with my boys! Have also shared this for others to know! <3

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