Momo Makes a Purrfect Recovery After Flood

You will remember that I shared the story of Momo, the feline who was saved by his human during the horrible floods in Alberta, Canada, during the spring of this year.  His kind and devoted human risked his life and lost his truck when he went to save Momo.  This was a wonderful cat rescue story.

Momo's Cat Rescue Story Was a Very Happy OneRecalling the incident, Kevan Yeats said “I swam behind Momo and wherever Momo went that’s where I was going. I’m just glad he went for shore.”

As for Momo, he wasn’t any worse for wear after using up one of his nine lives.  “The next day, he was fine and hopped in the shower,” said Yeats.  “Same old cat.”

Momo may have saved Yeats life.  By jumping into the water and making his human swim after him, Momo helped get his human out of the flood waters.  And it is likely that Yeats would have stayed with the truck if it wasn’t for Momo.

“I wouldn’t have gotten out.  I wouldn’t have bailed,” he said.

It’s interesting that this may not have been a cat rescue story by a human, but a human rescue story by a feline!

Yeats said he was surprised by the reaction.  “Lots of positive and a couple of negative reactions.”  Some people said “for a cat?  Really?” according to Yeats.  But Yeats said there was no question in his mind that he did the right thing in going back to save his feline friend. Momo's feeline fine after his cat rescue during the Alberta floods

Momo is “a member of the family, so what can you do?”

And his mother thought the same thing.  She said she is “incredibly proud because he did all the right things for all the right reasons.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Momo is my grandkitty. I love the cat.”

As for Momo, the celebrity status has faded since the floods, but he is enjoying the quiet life he is living with his family.

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3 Replies to “Momo Makes a Purrfect Recovery After Flood”

      1. I wouldn´t let my furiends go either, even if the house was on fire, I´d get them out first because they are my babies! <3
        That human was a true dadly! <3

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