An Unhappy Trip to Humans in White Coats

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Was Not Happy at the Humans In White Coats“Human, I am not happy with you.  You took me to the humans in white coats.”

“Bagheera, relax.  I had to.  You’ve been coughing like you’re trying to get a hairball out.  Then you had a loose stool a two nights ago and yesterday morning.  I talked to the vet tech who comes in to take care of you when I cannot give you the insulin shot you need as a diabetic cat and she said I should take you to the vet.  So I did.”

“Yes, and I was not happy about it.  You put me in that cage, and you did not let me out until we were at the place with humans in white coats.  Then when I wanted to investigate, you told me to get back in the cage.  Can’t I even wander around the place?”

“No, Bagheera, you can’t.  When you’re in the room it’s okay, but not when you’re out in the reception area.  Those are the rules.”

“I do not like your rules, human.”

While I was not happy about it, the check up at the humans in white coats seemed to go okay.  They said that my lungs seemed to be okay, and that my eyes and ears did not have any problems.  But then they stuck me with a needle much bigger than the one my human uses for my blood sugar testing and put my blood in a tube.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat was Not Happy to Endure This

They said that this will be used for a work up on my blood as well as a fructosamine test, which will give a more in depth and less time sensitive look at my blood sugar levels.  This is important to know when treating a diabetic cat.  The ear sticks are helpful for a snapshot, but the fructosamine test gives an average for the past two or three weeks.

I also was weighed, and I came in at 19.3 pounds, which is down a little from last time.  The human in the white coat palpitated my stomach to make sure I was okay, and I did not like it.  He told my human that my stomach was sensitive, but that could have been due to whatever caused the loose stool.

Both the human and I are hopeful that we will find that nothing is wrong with me.  It is Jacey’s turn next, and I am sure when she gets back she will tell me all about it.

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4 Replies to “An Unhappy Trip to Humans in White Coats”

  1. Awww pooe Bagheera! Feel so sorry for you when you have to take those trips to hoomins in white coats. I don´t like them either. As a diabetic they also take a bloodtest of me that shows my 2-3 months middle sugar. Here they call that HbA1c…. Like anyone would know what that is… =) I hope you´re well and that they don´t need to do anything else. Will keep my fingers crossed for you dear! <3

  2. I am not happy when my human takes me to the stabby place either, she always uses the excuse that as a cat with special needs I must go to get the treatment I need every few months. I understand this yet I don’t have to like it! I know we are both fortunate to have loving and devoted humans who care about us enough to see that we get the medical care we need, even though it may not always be easy timewise, emotionally, and financially. If only all kitties could have a safe, caring home where they received good medical care.

    1. Yes, I complain about my trips to the humans in white coats, but I know my human wants to take care of me even if it hurts a little. And I get my revenge. The human who works at that place who comes and takes care of me told my human that I bit and scratched her. He told me I was not supposed to do that but I told him I did not being held.

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